Evaluation Board TECEV103

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Evaluation Board TECEV103

Our TEC controller modules can be evaluated conveniently by using this evaluation kit TECEV103 which comes with an evaluation board, TECEVB103 and a TEC controller module of TEC-A1 (there is no internal compensation network inside). The main purpose of using the evaluation board is to tune the compensation network on the board for matching the characteristics of users' thermal load. The objectives of the tuning are to minimize the response time of the thermal control loop and the dynamic temperature tracking errors, while keeping the control loop stable.



Using this evaluation board allows for among others:

Setting maximum output voltage

Setting set-point temperature

Monitoring output voltage

Monitoring actual thermal load temperature

Tuning the compensation network so as to match thermal load

Note: For newly designs, we strongly recommend that use this newly developed TECEV104 evaluation board.

Features of the TECEV104 evaluation board include:

1.A complete tuning and application circuit used for driving a TEC, setting output voltage limit, tuning the compensation network, and setting set-point temperature point for the thermal load

2.LED for displaying the controller’s temperature status

3.Multiple connection pads to allow for connecting with external instruments and components

The evaluation board works for all the TECA1 series TEC controllers, such as TECA1-5V-2.5V-D, TECA1-3V-3V-D, TECA1-3V-2.5V-D, etc.