High Voltage High Current TEC Controller

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High Output Voltage: 24V

High Output Current: 10A

High Efficiency: >98%

High Temperature Stability: 0.01°C

Programmable Current Limit

Complete Shielding

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

Compact Size: 38.8×34.5×7.5 (mm)

SMT Package Available

High power TEC control with high temperature stability.

Our TEC controller, ATEC24V10A1, is an electronic module designed for driving high power TECs to achieve high temperature stability at high power efficiency. It has a wide input voltage range, 5V to 25V and allows setting the output current limit and set-point temperature by a voltage signal. The set-point temperature range can be programmed externally by using only 3 resistors. A

formula is given for calculating the values of these resistors according to the R-T characteristics of the thermistor and the set-point temperature range required.

This is the Block Diagram for ATEC24V10A


Block Diagram