How do the resistance manufactures control the parameters of resistance?

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During the productive process, by controlling the material composition, sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and the state of structure, we can control resistance under the same temperature, and also be able to control the value change when the temperature changes. That is the process, and this is very important!
Why does resistance of these oxides change?
Because in these oxides, there is a kind of particles called carrier (electronic and cavity), can conduct electricity. Like people can go out by boat, the more ship, the more people. The same to carrier, when it is at low temperature, there are fewer carriers, so it hinders the current, and the resistance is big. On the opposite, when it is at higher temperature, there are many carriers, so current is bigger, and its resistance value is relatively low. 
What is the changing range of NTC thermistor resistance? 
When it is at ambient temperature, it ranges from 10 ohms to 1000K ohms.
What is the temperature range of NTC (negative temperature coefficient thermistor)?
Its measuring range is usually -10 ~ + 300°C , and it can also be - 200 ~ + 10°C, and even it can be used for temperature measurement when it is from -300 to + 1200°C.