Brief Introduction of ATECA105

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There are a lot of people worried about heating element working in the airtight space, and the working heating element produces heat continuously, making temperature of the airtight space increase, and shortening the lifetime of the element itself even damaged completely. Today I will introduce a coolingdevice(ATECA105) to help you solve this problem.
The ATECA105 is a TEC assembly. It comes with a12V6A TEC, a heat sink on its hot side with a medium specific speed fan attached, another heat sink on the TEC's cold side also with a medium specific speed fan attached, astar dust silver cover, and a thermal insulation pad between the 2 heat sinks. Input voltage is 12VDC ± 5% and Max. Input current is6ADC.
The dimensions of the TEC assembly itself only 133.3 ×130×131.4 mm, but it has a very high efficiency.When the temperature of the air in confined Spaces and that of outside confined space is the same, the COP can reach 0.5(COP=thermal power/electrical). That is to say, when our TEC assembly works in confined Spaces, the total power of the heating element is not higher than 24Wand the temperature of the air in confined Spaces and that of the outside confined space is the same.When the powerof heating element inside the airtight space is up to 50W, our ATECA105 can make air temperature within the confined space reduce to only 10℃higher than the environment temperatureoutsideairtight space.
Both this TEC assembly installation and use are simple, leaving a 103 x116 hole on wall of the airtight space and drill a hole whose diameter is 5 on four Angle positionrespectively. Through the reserved hole,put the cold end into confined Spaces and the keep hot side outside,using screw to fix.If you want to make TEC assembly cool continuously, connect directlya 12VDC power supply. We also have a complete set of temperature controller to make it work atcustomized temperature.
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