The Features of Laser Drivers

Time : Dec 15 2014Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :
Analog Technologies Inc., a company established in 1997, focuses on designing high efficiency laser and TEC drivers/controllers, SMT resistor/capacitor/inductor kits, TEC modules, thermistors and other electronic products, has now become the world’s famous laser products manufacturer. All these products have been widely used in the production of electronic appliances, military, integrated circuits, computers and other fields. We have customers all over the world. Some of our customers in the USA include: NASA, US Army, Air Force, TI, Intel and we also have customer with military projects in other countries. Analog Technologies has very strong research abilities, and this R&D team is ready to work on your special requests. Analog Technologies offers good quality laser diode drivers with high stability, low noise, and/or high power efficiency. These are some of the functions diode laser drivers: laser current setting and monitoring, control loop good indication, driving mode indication (for dual mode versions), stand-by, and shut down. Due to their high efficiencies, most of our laser drivers/controllers can work without heat sinks. In addition, our laser drivers/controllers have complete metal shielding, which presents the laser drivers/controllers and other electronics from interfering from each other. We have a full line of laser drivers/controllers: low noise low current, high efficiency medium current, AC input high current high efficiency; high current short pulsed. Every product from Analog Technologies is strictly examined before it is put on to the market. Analog Technologies is with the hope and confidence to produce the world’s class products. In order to give satisfying services to international customers, our company has qualified technicians and engineers providing in-time and effective pre-sale, sale and after-sale services. Analog Technologies focus on advanced analog technology and electronic products for more than seventeen years and we are your most reliable supplier. We believe we can use our technology and experience to work with our customers and help them achieve the success. A number of diode laser drivers are available to select so you have more choices. Please visit our website to find the products that suit you most.