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The soldering iron ATAS80 is a kind of hand-operated tool used for electronic soldering. Melting the solder (usually tin wire) by supplying heat to the solder, then the two work pieces will be welded together.

This soldering iron consists of a main machine, a soldering handle, soldering tips, an iron holder, a soldering handle connecting wire, a power cord and a grounding wire.

The iron is widely used in many different fields, from common electronic home appliance maintenance, to electronic integrated circuit and chip, etc. It is used more commonly in soldering PCB circuit board in electronic factory or laboratory, especially suitable for soldering operation of precision electron.

With many features, this auto soldering iron station is an advanced soldering equipment in the scientific experiments or electronic products manufacturing.

1. Big LCD screen display, convenient for adjusting

2. Anti-static function to protect precise chip welding

3. Quick temperature rise

4. Automatically adjust the temperature function

5. Compact soldering handle

6. Contact reaction sleep, power saving and safe

7. Coded lock to fix the temperature

Power Consumption 80W
Temperature Stability ±1°C (no load)
Impedance between soldering tips and grounding below 2Ω
Password setting range 001~999 (000 no password)
Sleeping temperature range 50°C (the lowest)
Power Supply Voltage AC110V/AC220V
Output Voltage AC 24V
Potential between soldering tips and grounding below 2mV
Temperature  setting  range 150°C ~450°C
Sleeping time setting range 1~60mins (0 = no sleep)

Datasheet and instructional manual of this auto soldering iron station are as below.

Instructional Manual for ATAS80