Part Number Datasheet
ATH10KL2A Datasheet



Glass Encapsulated for Long Term Stability & Reliability

High Stability: <0.1 C/Y

High Resistance Accuracy: 1%

Wide Temp. Range: -55°C to 250°C

Packaged in Extra Small Ring Lug

100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant



The ATH10KL2A series thermistor can be used to measure the temperatures of laser diodes, optical components, etc,with high accuracy and long term stability.


The ATH10KL2A is a thermistor assembly with a glass encapsulated thermistor packaged in an extra compact ring lug. The ATH10KL2A series thermistor consists of three versions, ATH10KL2A, ATH10KL2AT63 and ATH10KL2AT63S. The ATH10KL2A has bear leads coated with copper, the ATH10KL2AT63S has the leads covered by high temperature plastic tubing and sealed by epoxy, while the ATH10KL2AT63 is the non-sealed version. Comparing with conventional assemblies containing epoxy encapsulated thermistors, ATH10KL2A presents higher long term stability, higher reliability and wider temperature range. In addition, it has a small size and short response time.

There are some differences among ATH10KL2A, ATH10KL2B and ATH10KL2C. First, the ring sizes of them are different. Second, the thermistor head in ATH10KL2A is the same as ATH10KR8, while the heads in ATH10KL2B and ATH10KL2C are the same as ATH10K1R25. Last, the resistance temperature characteristics in ATH10KL2B and ATH10KL2C are the same, different from ATH10KL2A.