Multifunctional LED Desk Lamp

Time: Dec 01 2016 Source: analogtechnologies Author: Analog Click:
With the development of LED technology, more and more people like using desk lamps made of LED. LED lighting features high energy saving, environment protection, high reliability and long service lifetime. However, LED lamp with single function can’t meet people’s requirements along witheconomic and social development. So our company (ATI) has released a new LED desk lamp with multifunction, as shown in Figure 1.
Figure 1. The photo of a multifunctional LED desk lamp
Besides lighting, the LED desk lamp from ATI can be used to charge for mobile phone, pad and some other electronic products. And the LED lamp adopts solar energy power supply. When fully charged, it can be used continuously for more than 10 hours. There is a touch switch on the lamp, which can be used to turn on or off the lamp and adjust the brightness according to the touch time. In addition, by using the LED lamp, users can know date, time and temperature. In a word, it is very convenient to use and carry in daily life.
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