High Voltage Power Supply

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High voltage power supply is designed for achieving DC-DC conversion from low voltage to high voltage. It has been widelyused in industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and many other fields, such as X-ray machine high voltage power supply, laser high voltage power supply, particles injection high voltage power supply in semiconductor technology, physical vapor phase deposition high voltage power supply, and nanolithography high voltage power supplyetc.
ATI has released multiple types of high voltage power supplies with different input and output voltages, and different output currents, mainly including ATHV12V3KV1RMAW, ATHV12V3KV3MAW, ATHV12V3KV5MAW, ATHV12V3KV10MAW, AHV12V6KV1RMAW, ATHV12V6KV3MAW, and AHV30V18KVR5MAW. These power supplies come with high precision, full modulation range on output voltage, linear regulation and shutdown.
The input voltages can be 12V or 30V. The maximum output voltages can be 3kV, 6kV, and 18kV. The maximum output currents can be 1.0mA, 3.0mA, 5.0mA, and 10mA. These parameters can meet most of users’ requirements.
There is an internal protection circuit inside the high voltage power supply. However, high voltage short circuit should also be avoided.
In order to avoid electronic shock, the circuit should be insulated perfectly, especially between the high voltage output and the surroundings.
Figure 1. The photo of a high voltage power supply
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