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High Voltage Amplifier Piezo Driver AHVA2KV2X20MA

Time: Sep 23 2021    Click: 335

High voltage amplifier, also called high voltage piezo driver, is used for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage output. Our new high voltage amplifier AHVA2KV2X20MA has just been launched, with up to 2kV output voltage and 10mA current capability. It can be used for driving pizeos or high voltage loads. A built-in high voltage DC-DC converter can convert a 24V input voltage into 0V~2kV output voltage at high efficiency. In the front panel, you can see three LED indicator indica...(more)

New High Voltage High Current TEC Controller TEC50V20AB

Time: Sep 22 2021    Click: 175

Features: Built-in smart auto PID control, the Worlds First; Power Supply Voltage: 50V; High Output Voltage: 40V; High Output Current: 20A; High Efficiency: > 92%; High Temperature Stability; Low Thermistor Injection Current: < 1µA; Continuous Bi-directional Output; Programmable Output Current and Voltage Limits; Real Time Temperature, Current and Voltage Signals ...(more)

An Upgraded Drop-in Replacement for AD202KN

Time: Jun 29 2021    Click: 341

Isolated Power Outputs; Small Size: 4 Channels/lnch Low; Uncommitted Input Amplifier; High CMR: 130dB (Gain = 100V/V); High Accuracy: ±0.01% Max Nonlinearity; High CMV Isolation: ±4000V pk Continuous; Only Needs One Power Supply on Low Voltage Side...(more)

Digital TEC/Fan Controller ATFC106D

Time: Jun 18 2021    Click: 255

Features: Digital Display for Parameter Setting and Monitoring; High Output Power for Driving TECs: 12V20A; High Efficiency: >98%; No Heat Sink Required; Penal Mounting Design; Over Current Protection; Compact Size...(more)

IC ATI2202 Launched by ATI

Time: Jun 13 2021    Click: 194

Features: Input voltage range: 4.75V ~ 18V; output voltage adjustable range: 0.923V ~ 0.9×input voltage; output current up to 2A; efficiency up to 93%; programmable soft start; over current protection; over temperature protection; input under voltage lockout; integrated 0.13 power MOSFET switches; fixed frequency: 340 kHz...(more)

First Voltage Reference ATREF500 Launched by ATI

Time: Jun 12 2021    Click: 157

Features: High accuracy: 1V; high reliability; compact size; ultralow noise: 100nVp-p @0.1Hz to 10Hz; temperature coefficient: 1ppm/C; wide temperature range: 40C~125C; high output source and sink surrent; low dropout operation....(more)

14mm TEC Controller TEC14M5V3R5AS - Small Chip with Large Potential

Time: May 18 2021    Click: 261

TEC14M5V3R5AS is a new micro TEC controller launched by Analog Technologies, Inc. It uses a specialized QFN package (Quad Flat No-lead Package), with a volume of only 14mm*14mm*2.2mm, even smaller than a coin. TEC14M5V3R5AS is designed to drive TECs (thermoelectric cooler) with a maximum output voltage and current of 5V and 3.5A respectively. With superior electrical and mechanical performance along with high stability, this micro TEC controller can work uninterrupted for a long time while maint...(more)

Application of Rack-Mounted High Voltage Power Supply in Electrospinning

Time: May 18 2021    Click: 178

A2UHVACP20KV35MARM is a rack-mounted high voltage power supply newly launched by Analog Technologies, Inc., which can be installed in a standard network cabinet with a height of standard 2U. This high voltage power supply can be applied in the electrospinning process. In addition, it can also be used for ion beam injection, semiconductor technology, electron beam welding, capacitor charging, high power radio frequency transmitters, accelerators, continuous wave lasers, high voltage insulation te...(more)

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