Digital TEC/Fan Controller ATFC106D

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ATFC106D is a digital fan/TEC controller, which is designed and used for driving and monitoring TEC and fan assemblies and can show the working parameters in real time on the PC. This TEC controller is an upgraded version of ATFC105D, the latter doesn't come with real-time status showing function.

This TEC controller assembly is to regulate the temperature of an enclosed chamber. It will maintain the temperature of the chamber within a certain temperature range. Once the temperature exceeds the safety windows, the TEC controller assembly will cut off the AC power switch by sending the relay control signal. The power supply voltage is 12V, and the maximum input current is 25A. This assembly includes a TEC controller, a fan controller, temperature controlled relay control output, and a digital display. There are fans on the hot side heat sinks and cold side heat sinks for heat dissipation.

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