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ATI Releases Medium and Low Voltage Isolated DC-DC Modules for the First Time

Time: Apr 25 2023    Click: 130

Analog Technologies has released two isolated DC-DC power modules, one with a 12V input voltage and one with a 24V input voltage....(more)

Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC2934

Time: Feb 20 2023    Click: 149

The ATI2934 is a high efficiency DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator designed to step down high voltage input sources to lower voltages....(more)

Overview of Piezo Amplifiers in Control of Piezoelectric Actuators

Time: Feb 17 2023    Click: 140

Piezo amplifiers are electronic devices that are utilized to drive piezoelectric materials, which generate electric charge in response to mechanical stress....(more)

DC-to-DC Step-Down Switching Regulator ATDC1934

Time: Feb 17 2023    Click: 92

A DC-to-DC step-down switching regulator is an electronic circuit that converts a higher voltage DC input to a lower voltage DC output....(more)

What is a Laser Driver

Time: Feb 16 2023    Click: 200

A laser driver is an electronic device that provides the necessary electrical power and control signals to drive a laser diode....(more)

Advantages of Adaptive PID Control System

Time: Jan 13 2023    Click: 190

PID stands for proportional, integral and differential control system....(more)

A New High Voltage Isolation Amplifier AD202ATI

Time: May 11 2022    Click: 166

High Voltage Isolation Amplifier is a specific device designed for measuring small analog signals with high common mode voltage and strong EMIs....(more)

How an Amplifier Drives a Capacitive Load

Time: Apr 28 2022    Click: 228

This white paper illustrate how an amplifier drives a capacitive load...(more)

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