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Upgraded TEC28V15A with Smart Auto PID Control

Time: Apr 19 2021    Click: 162

Thanks to the unremitting efforts of all the technicians at Analog Technologies, Inc., the upgraded version of TEC controller TEC28V15A has been released. With the same dimensions and the same pin definitions as the original version, the upgraded TEC28V15A TEC controller features a new function, Smart Auto PID Control. What is the Smart Auto PID Control? By integrating a new software system into this TEC, it can replace the temperature compensation network outside the TEC controller. Just input...(more)

New High Voltage Laser Driver ATLS200MA116 and ATLS250MA116

Time: Mar 05 2021    Click: 304

Analog Technologies, Inc has been refining its ATLSxA116 series laser driver, which features high input voltage, low noise, constant current, and compact size. Now we have added two new members to this series, ATLS200MA116 and ATLS250MA116, whose current capabilities are 200mA and 250mA respectively. Compared with the previously-released ATLS100MA116D, the two new laser drivers feature higher current while keeping similar functions, comparable to those of the 100mA. All the laser drivers in this...(more)

Game Changer TEC Controller

Time: Feb 23 2021    Click: 163

What is the area of 14mm*14mm? Almost as small as your thumbnail. What can we do with a space as small as your thumbnail? We can make a TEC controller. This is an innovation of both size and price, a game changer of TEC controller field. Analog Technologies, Inc. has just launched a new micro TEC controller, TEC14M5V3R5AS, whose volume is only 14mm*14mm*2.2mm, in QFN package (Quad Flat No-lead Package). The maximum output voltage and output current are 5V/3.5A. It can be used to drive TEC module...(more)

New Resistor Kits with 0.1% Accuracy Resistors

Time: Feb 02 2021    Click: 166

We have released various resistor kits throughout the years, including differential resistor kits, new resistor kits with SK200 enclosures, and resistor kits containing 1% or 5% accuracy resistors. Below is our brand new SMT resistor kit with 0.1% accuracy resistors. This new resistor kit is enclosed within our Super Kits Enclosure SK200, which has 200 individual lidded compartments. It can be stored easily, thanks to its letter-paper size. The pre-sorted resistors inside this new kit have 0.1%...(more)

New Variable Resistor & Capacitor Box ATRCT101

Time: Dec 28 2020    Click: 274

Analog Technologies has developed and launched a brand-new variable resistor and capacitor box, ATRCT101, an anticipated member of the adjustable decade box family. Below includes a physical photo of the product. UPDATED COMPONENTS: With the new and improved design, this resistor and capacitor box may now be used at a higher frequency compensation networks. Compared to the existing boxes, ATCDB12 and ATRDB12 , which can only be used at lower frequencies of less than 1MHz, the new ATRCT101 may be...(more)

Newly Released High Voltage Amplifiers/Piezo Drivers

Time: Dec 25 2020    Click: 140

Analog Technologies has released a new series of high voltage amplifiers, also known as piezo drivers. These high voltage amplifiers are used for driving piezos or high voltage loads. PRODUCT: We have recently added more models to this series in addition to the previously released AHVA1KV2X20MA . The newly added products are AHVA2KV2X20MA , AHVA500V2X30MA , AHVA250V2X40MA , and AHVA100V2X50MA . PRODUCT FEATURES: As the part numbers indicate, the maximum output voltages of these high voltage ampl...(more)

Electronic parts storage box - SK200

Time: Nov 23 2020    Click: 317

With the development of science and technology, electronic parts are increasingly used in our daily life. Then questions come, that is, how to find the right parts in the quickest way. Concerning the above issue, under the leadership of Dr. Liu Gang, the boss of Analog Technologies, Inc , we spent more than 200 working days to design and re-structure the storage box. Finally the box is developed successfully not long ago. Please find the physical photo of it as below: Now, let me introduce the f...(more)

TEC28V15A Peltier Controller/TEC Controller

Time: Nov 02 2020    Click: 187

The Worlds Only High Voltage High Power Compact High Efficiency TEC Controller ABOUT TEC CONTROLLERS TEC Controllers have become innovative designs that are vital to temperature regulation of various objects. By injecting electrical currents in specific directions, a TEC Controller can cool or heat up objects without requiring large amounts of energy. Usually they are powered by a DC voltage between 5V to 28V and the output current can go up to 15A without using a heat sink. With the invention o...(more)

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