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CO2 Laser High Voltage Power Supply AHVAC60WBT

Time: Oct 21 2020    Click: 158

A new CO2 laser high voltage power supply, AHVAC60WBT, has been added to the CO2 laser high voltage power supply family. Now we have three models in this power supply family. As the part number shows, this power supply has a maximum power of 60W, and it is a benchtop type. You can find its physical photo as follows. With a different look, this CO2 high voltage power supply comes with high precision, high efficiency, fast response, open circuit protection, etc. A 0 to 5V analog signal or a PWM si...(more)

CO2 Laser High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Sep 21 2020    Click: 303

Analog Technologies has just launched a new product series, CO2 laser high voltage power supply, which can be applied in CO2 laser cutter, laser marking machine, small laser engraving machine, etc. It includes one new model, AHVAC40WBT. The part number shows us that the total power is 40W and it is a bench top power supply. The physical photo is shown as follows. This CO2 high voltage power supply features high efficiency, high precision, open circuit protection, fast response time, and over-cur...(more)

AC Input Laser Diode Driver AAS26A10V

Time: Sep 17 2020    Click: 224

Analog Technologies, Inc has already released multiple AC input laser drivers with different voltages and currents. Today, a new model has been added to the AC input laser driver family, AAS26A10V. As the part number indicates, the maximum output current of this new laser driver is up to 26A, and the output voltage can be up to 10V. The physical photo of this AC input laser driver is shown below. This laser driver comes with a clear front panel with indicators, pin names, potentiometers for adju...(more)

New DIP Socket

Time: Sep 09 2020    Click: 279

Analog Technologies has released multiple series of laser drivers and their corresponding evaluation boards. This new DIP socket ATDSC2MM6P is a reliable connection between the DIP laser driver and its evaluation board. The physical photo is shown below. Usually, plug a pair of sockets into the evaluation board, like the picture shown below, and then plug the DIP laser driver into these sockets. Then you can start evaluating the laser driver conveniently. The DIP socket comes with 6 pins, compat...(more)


Time: Sep 02 2020    Click: 239

Highly versatile and applicable in a multitude of systems, capacitors are critical components in electronic circuits. Specifically, film capacitors, often called polyester or mylar capacitors, are non-polarized capacitors that use thin films as dielectrics. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT In 1876, a British man, D. G. Fitzgerald, invented the paper capacitor with oil and wax, which became the first generation of film capacitors. Originally produced as a laboratory curiosity, the first paper capacitors we...(more)

What is Piezoelectric Crystal

Time: Aug 31 2020    Click: 224

Piezoelectric crystal is a non-centrosymmetric crystal, deforming under the mechanical force, which causes the relative displacement of the charged particles, so that positive and negative bound charges are produced on the crystal surface. The property of the electric potential difference between the two ends of the piezoelectric crystals polar axis is called piezoelectricity, or piezoelectric effect. Conversely, the process in which an external electric field forces the piezoelectric crystal to...(more)

SK200 SMT Component Enclosure

Time: Aug 20 2020    Click: 210

SUPER SMT/SMD KITSAt Analog Technologies, Inc, we have been specializing in the design and production of our Super SMT Component Kits for over 20 years. With over 50 different types of SMT/SMD resistor kits available with different value selections, our Super SMT Component Kits offer a slim, durable, high quality design that allows for the most convenience when sorting, storing, and obtaining SMT components. ABOUT SK200Based on our original, best-selling SK128 model, the new and improved SK200 S...(more)

New Digital Laser Driver ALDD28V5A401

Time: Aug 17 2020    Click: 247

Analog Technologies, Inc. has just released a new digital laser driver, ALDD28V5A401, which has a digital display for parameter setting and monitoring. This new laser driver can output a current up to 5A with more than 90% efficiency. The following figure is the physical photo of this new laser driver. As you may notice in its part number that the 28V indicates the maximum power supply voltage is 28V, and 5A is the maximum output current. 401 is the series number. With such a high input voltage...(more)

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