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SK200 SMT Component Enclosure

Time: Aug 20 2020    Click: 232

SUPER SMT/SMD KITSAt Analog Technologies, Inc, we have been specializing in the design and production of our Super SMT Component Kits for over 20 years. With over 50 different types of SMT/SMD resistor kits available with different value selections, our Super SMT Component Kits offer a slim, durable, high quality design that allows for the most convenience when sorting, storing, and obtaining SMT components. ABOUT SK200Based on our original, best-selling SK128 model, the new and improved SK200 S...(more)

New Digital Laser Driver ALDD28V5A401

Time: Aug 17 2020    Click: 263

Analog Technologies, Inc. has just released a new digital laser driver, ALDD28V5A401, which has a digital display for parameter setting and monitoring. This new laser driver can output a current up to 5A with more than 90% efficiency. The following figure is the physical photo of this new laser driver. As you may notice in its part number that the 28V indicates the maximum power supply voltage is 28V, and 5A is the maximum output current. 401 is the series number. With such a high input voltage...(more)

SMT Resistor Kits

Time: Aug 11 2020    Click: 382

ABOUT SURFACE MOUNT TECHNOLOGIES In recent years, Surface Mount Technologies (SMT) have become key players in the global economy. With high growth prospects and versatile uses, Surface Mount Devices (SMD) are applicable to a variety of techniques in which electrical components are directly mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCB). OUR SUPER SMT RESISTOR KITS At Analog Technologies, we have been specializing in the design and production of the Super SMT Resistor Kit for over 20 ye...(more)

New QCL Drivers

Time: Aug 05 2020    Click: 217

QCL is short for quantum cascade laser. Analog Technologies has just released some new QCL drivers, with up to 100mA, 200mA, 1A, 2A and 3A current respectively. The part number of these QCL drivers are AQCL100MA410DF, AQCL200MA410DF, AQCL1A410DF, AQCL2A410DF and AQCL3A410DF. Our QCL drivers can be used to driver QCL with these currents. These QCL drivers are chassis mounted, and have some features such as input voltage polarity reverse protection, under voltage protection, over temperature prote...(more)

Piezo Driver APZD300V2A

Time: Jul 21 2020    Click: 265

The pace of scientific research never stops. The application fields of piezoelectric technology are becoming wider and wider, and the requirements for piezoelectric actuators are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the technical team of Analog Technologies, Inc. has taken 3 years to develop a high-quality piezo driver APZD300V2A that meets market needs. This new piezo driver looks simple but elegant, with a compact size. The golden metal shell highlights the high-end style, while at the same t...(more)

Micro TEC Controller TEC14M5V3R5AS

Time: Jul 20 2020    Click: 337

A brand new micro TEC controller, TEC15M5V3AD, has been launched by Analog Technologies. This is a revolutionary product, which is highly integrated and has a more compact size than other TEC controllers in the market. This micro TEC controller only measures: 0.590.590.15 (15.0mm15.0mm3.8mm). With such small size, this TEC controller cost much less than regular TEC controllers, while keeping nearly the same functions. You can see the photo of this TEC controller here: Main features of this micro...(more)

I/O Proportional High Voltage Power Supply

Time: Jul 20 2020    Click: 234

High voltage power supply is more and more popular in the market. We have many different types of high voltage power supplies, such as DC to DC high voltage power supplies, AC to DC high voltage power supplies, bench top ones, DIP packaged ones, etc. Now we have just released a new type, I/O proportional high voltage power supplies. These power supplies output voltage is proportional to the input voltage. The launched products now include 12V and 15V input voltage and 500V, 1kV, 3kV and 4kV outp...(more)

SMT/SMD Component Kit Promotion

Time: Jun 08 2020    Click: 332

Good news for all my dear customers, to celebrate 23th anniversary celebration, we have made a big price promotion for our enclosure for 60 days until 3rd August, 2020. To thank the support from you, we cut down the price as much as 3 dollars. That is to say, we almost knock ten percent off the price. Therefore, we deeply hope all of you can enjoy this benefit. Here please allow me to introduce our wonderful Super Kits Enclosure SK200 again. Firstly, please take a look at its physical photo as b...(more)

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