High Voltage High Current TEC Controller TEC50V20ACH

Part Number Datasheet
TEC50V20ACH Datasheet

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  • Built-in Smart Auto PID Control – the World's First
  • Power Supply Voltage: 50V
  • High Output Voltage: ±40V
  • High Output Current: 20A
  • High Efficiency: > 92% @VVPS = 50V & VTEC = 25V & ITEC = 20A
  • High Temperature Stability: <±0.001°C
  • Low Thermistor Injection Current: < 1µA
  • Continuous Bi-directional Output
  • Programmable Output Current and Voltage Limits
  • Real Time Temperature, Current and Voltage Signals
  • Selectable Temperature Sensor Types: thermistor, RTD, or temperature sensor IC
  • High Reliability and Zero EMI
  • Compact Size: 63(L) × 61(W) × 16.7(H)(mm)
  • 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant

    This TEC controller, TEC50V20ACH, is designed to drive a TEC at high efficiency for regulating the object temperature precisely by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC. It is powered by a DC voltage between 5V to 50V and the output current can go up to 20A without using a heat sink.