Liquid Level Control Switch

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The switch can be configured either normally closed or normally open

Long life time: 107 times @ resistive load

High contact withstand voltage: 240VAC/200VDC

High maximum switching current: 0.5A

Wide operating temperature range: −10°C ~ 120°C

All stainless steel construction

Corrosion resistant parts: stainless SUS304/SUS316

Driving an EL (Electroluminescent) lamp with high efficiency.

Vertical installation

High insulation resistance: >10MΩ

Low contact resistance: <100mΩ


Liquid level control switch is designed for sensing the liquid levels found in water containers, ponds, fish tanks, etc.


The liquid level control switch is a simple and easy-to-use liquid level control device. A shallow stainless float moves up and down with the liquid. Upon reaching a pre-set level, the liquid carries the float up to a position which makes an internal reed relay contact to change from closed to open or from open to closed state. The switching transaction direction is reversible by reversing the float mounting orientation, i.e., it can be from normally closed to open or from normally open to closed according to the customers' requirements.