Thermal Conductive Materials

Thermal conductive materials play an important role in temperature control systems. There are two types of thermal conductive materials including thermal conductive pad and thermal conductive epoxy encapsulant.

Thermal Conductive Pad

We have a series of thermal conductive pads, ATCR1R5 series. This series thermal conductive pad is a special compound formed by mixing the silicon gel flour and the ceramic flour. This pad has natural weak adhesion on both sides and presents good thermal conductivity and electrical insulation under low pressure. ATCR1R5 series can work stably at -40-150ºC. The flame rating is UL94 V0.

1. Thermal conductivity: 1.5W/m.k

2. Low pressure applications

3. Natural tack

4. Electrical insulating

5. High temperature resistance

6. 100 % Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

Datasheet for ATCR1R5

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Thermally Conductive Epoxy

Thermally conductive epoxy can be used in nearly any electronic product application.

Epoxy encapsulant, also know as potting compound, is designed to electrically insulate and environmentally protect from moisture, chemicals, mechanical/thermal shock and vibration.

From power supplies to connectors to sensors and relays, Epoxy encapsulants optimize performance and provide easy processing.

Epoxy encapsulants offer superior resistance to environmental hazards such as high temperatures and chemical exposure.

ATEE2850 is a double-component, thermally conductive epoxy encapsulant that can be used with a variety of catalysts. It has low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent electrical insulation properties.

This epoxy encapsulant has the following features:

High thermal conductivity

Good chemical resistance

Long life after opening

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Electrical insulation

High intensity

Good physical and chemical properties after temperature rises

NASA Degassing Standards

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