Ultra Small High Temperature Plastic Tubing

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This special high temperature plastic tubing is a thermoplastic polymer, which has various features that can withstand high temperature and severe chemical environment.This plastic tubing can be used as an insulation sheath and applied in many industries, where high temperature and severe condition is needed, like chemical processing,electronic, aerospace and aviation, etc.

1. Wide Operating Temperature Range: - 234°C to 260°C

2. Light Weight

3. Can Be Steam or Chemically Sterilized

4. Excellent Dielectric Insulation Properties

5. Chemical Inert

6. Corrosion Resistant

7. Low Coefficient of Friction

8. Flame Resistant: UL 94 VO

9. Biocompatible: USP Class VI

10. Indefinite Shelf Life

11. Exceptional Mechanical Resistance under Severe Conditions