TEC Controller Evaluation Board: TEC28V15AEV1

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This evaluation board, TEC28V15AEV1, is designed for evaluating the controller TEC28V15A conveniently. It is recommended to read this application note with the controller datasheet which provides more detail information about the specifications and application guidance for the controller. The main purpose of using the evaluation board is to let the controller drive a voltage configurable unbreakable dummy laser diode on the board to emulate users’ actual expensive laser diode with a programmable current. After making sure the controller works properly and all the features and the setvalues meet the requirements of the application, the users can disconnect the dummy laser from the controller by turning a switch and connect a real diode laser onto proper connections of the board.


The TEC28V15AEV1 Evaluation Board is consisted of a complete application circuit for driving a TEC controller. It can set the output current, the output current limit, has an LED for indicating the working status of the controller, has numerous connection pads and terminal connectors for making connections with external components and instruments.