Evaluation Board for the ATLSxA103 Series Diode Laser Drivers/Controllers

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Comes with a dummy laser on the board.

Emulates real laser driver for testing.

Easily set the output current.

Very convenient for evaluating the laser controllers listed below.


Evaluate these laser drivers: ATLS1A103D, ATLS100MA103D, ATLS200MA103D, ATLS250MA103D and ATLS500MA103D; ATLS250MA106D and ATLS500MA106D.


Evaluation Board for Diode Laser Drivers/Controllers is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications for our extra low noise laser driver series including ATLSxA103 and ATLSxA106 series. It comes with a socket that fits for the drivers in the DIP package, i.e., the ones with the “D” suffix. The evaluation board has a dummy laser formed by a series of regular laser diodes and can be used to emulate how the real laser diode would be driven by the laser driver. The output current and the output current limit can be programmed respectively by the potentiometers mounted on the board. This laser driver evaluation board is of 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.
There is one DIP socket is closely used with this evaluation board.