Evaluation Board for ATLSxA212D

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The ATLSxA212 is a series of high efficiency constant current laser drivers for driving one or multiple laser diode arrays. It has high reliability, zero EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference), and is packed in small DIP package. The laser driver series includes ATLS500MA212, ATLS1A212, ATLS2A212 and ATLS3A212.

The evaluation board introduced by this application note, ATLS212EV1.0, is designed for evaluating these laser drivers conveniently.

It is recommended to read this application note with the ATLS3A212, ATLS2A212, ATLS1A212 or ATLS500MA212 datasheet which provides more detail information about the specifications and application guidelines for the laser drivers.

The typical application schematic for ATLS212EV1.0