14V 3A Laser Driver ATLS3A212

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High Voltage Constant Current 3A Laser Driver


Power Supply Voltage VPS Range: 4.5V ~ 16V

Full Swing Output Voltage: 0.8V to 0.9VPS (input voltage)

Maximum Output Current: 3A

High Efficiency: ≥90% - no heat sink is needed (Iout=3A@LDA=10V & VPS=15V)

Wide Modulation Bandwidth: DC ~ 10kHZ

Dual Independent Current Set Ports: : LISH and LISL 

Direct Digital Modulation Control: PCN

Three Control States: Shutdown, Standby and Operation

Very Low Output Current Noise: < 12µA@0.1Hz ~ 10Hz

High Current Stability:  < ±200µA@3A & −20°C ~ 80°C

Low Output Ripple Voltage: < 4mV@500kHZ


ATLS3A212D can be used to drive one or multiple laser diodes for DPSSL, EDFA, and fiber lasers with low noise and high efficiency.


This laser driver, ATLS3A212, is an electronic module that has all the valuable and important, but often difficult to achieve simultaneously, features simultaneously: wide input and output voltage range, high output current capability, high efficiency, low output noise (but it has an output 4mVp-p ripple voltage at 500kHZ), wide modulation bandwidth, and small size. The wide output voltage range, 0 ~ 15V, allows driving one or multiple serial laser diodes at the same time, for up to 500mA well controlled current at high efficiency. The extremely low noise between DC ~ 10kHZ and low DC current drift make it ideal for driving diode pumped single mode laser diodes to achieve mode-hop-free and narrow optical wavelength drift, thus, long coherent length.