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±1800V High Voltage Amplifier

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Part Number VOUT IOUT Bandwidth
AHVAPN1800V20MA −1800V~1800V 20mA 15kHz@ Load = 100pF
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Built-in High Voltage Power Supply

Bi-directional Output: ±1800V

High Current Capability: Up to 20mA

High Slew Rate: 2400V/µs@open load
           540V/µs@250pF load

Bandwidth: 15kHz@ Load = 100pF
       10kHz @ Load = 250pF
       8kHz @ Load = 500pF
       3kHz @ Load = 1nF

Input Signal Voltage Range: ±10V

Compact Size: 9.15(L)×9.05(W)×2.4(H) inch
       232.5(L)×230(W)×61(H) mm


This series of high voltage amplifiers can be used for driving Piezo and other high voltage loads.


The AHVAPN1800V20MA is an electronic module for amplifying an analog input voltage into a high voltage output. Figure 1 shows its photos. It comes with a high voltage DC-DC converter, which converts the 24V input voltage into two output voltages: −1900V and +1900V. The analog input voltage, VIN(t), can be from −10V to +10V, the corresponding output voltage, HVO(t), is from −1800V to +1800V. There are three LEDs indicating: 24V power supply is present and within an appropriate window: 23V to 25V, the high voltage power supply is outputting ±1900V outputs properly, and the control loop works properly, i.e. HVO(t)=180×VIN(t).