Digital TEC/Fan Controller ATFC106D

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Digital Display for Parameter Setting and Monitoring

High Output Power for TEC: 12V20A

High Efficiency: >98%

No Heat Sink Required

Penal Mounting Design

Over Current Protected

Communication Function

Compact Size: 152.6mm(L)×76.0mm(W)×20.4mm(H)


ATFC106D is designed for regulating an enclosed chamber temperature by driving a TEC array and a fan array. In addition, upon detecting the chamber temperature goes beyond the safety windows, it cuts off an AC power switch by sending the relay control signal. The ATFC106D is a digitally controlled TEC/fan assembly controller for driving TEC assemblies with fans and monitoring the working status at the same time.
The controller can be used for driving and monitoring TEC/Fan assemblies, show the real-time status of the controller on the computer.