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AAS12A12V2 Laser Driver

Time: 2018-03-22 14:17:02    Click: 107

AAS12A12V2 laser driver is designed for driving diode lasers. It is powered by an AC voltage between 100V to 240V and the output current can go up to 12A. Since there are many different signals in the circuit, diode lasers are susceptible to external signal interference in the process of their operation, for example, the instantaneous current generated by the power supply can be turned on or off; sometimes, during the circuit setting process, no protective measures are taken, causing the diode l...(more)

TEC28V15A Peltier Controller

Time: 2018-03-21 11:16:26    Click: 240

Peltier modules are also called TEC module, which is used to cool down or heat up an object in a temperature regulation system. Peltier modules cant work independently, and often work with a Peltier controller. This Peltier controller, TEC28V15A, can drive and control the operation of Peltier modules with an input DC voltage of 9V to 28V and an output current up to 15A. The most excellent feature of this Peltier controller is the built-in smart auto PID control, which is the worlds first innovat...(more)

ATI High Efficiency Piezo Drivers are the Best Choices

Time: 2018-03-21 10:58:11    Click: 100

The basic principle of the Piezo driver is based on the inverse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic material, i.e. control the mechanical deformation of the piezoelectric ceramic by using an electric signal in order to achieve desired effects. So what is the ultimate goal of choosing a high efficiency Piezo driver? Founded in 1997, ATI is a high-tech company specialized in the research, development, production and marketing of analog and digital hardware modules, subsystems, and te...(more)

Convenient SMT Resistor Box

Time: 2018-03-20 13:46:28    Click: 141

There are plenty of boxes in our daily life, which are used for storing things, such as articles of daily use, office supplies, etc. As an electronic engineer, I deeply know the difficulties on picking a specific value of resistors. It takes much time to find a resistor. There is no denying that engineers need to find many electronic components for a small experiment. At this point, we searched a lot over the internet for a good box for storing components, but no one makes me satisfied. Later on...(more)

ATLS4A217 Laser Driver

Time: 2018-03-16 14:29:12    Click: 151

Semiconductor Lasers are also called Laser Diodes. In practical application, the laser diode is affected by small current and temperature changes, which will lead to the fluctuation of output power of the laser diode. The output power of the laser diode is unstable. In order to ensure the stability, its necessary to design a control system to monitor the luminescence of laser diode. It controls the drive current of the laser diode to maintain the stability of the power output of the laser diode....(more)

SMT Resistor Kits

Time: 2018-03-16 13:04:04    Click: 94

Many electronic engineers always waste much time on finding the resistors, capacitor and inductors while welding the boards. Now good news comes. Analog Technologies, INC. spends almost one year to develop a kits to store the components, such as resistors, capacitors and inductors. Now, let me introduce this kind of kits briefly. Our Super SMT Resistor Kits have 128 individually lidded coverlets and one final top cover. The foam pad inside the top cover keeps all the coverlets closed even if the...(more)

Peltier Cooler and Peltier Controller

Time: 2018-03-13 15:12:30    Click: 133

Peltier cooler is also called the thermoelectric cooler, and its principle is the Peltier effect. Thermoelectric coolers can generate both heating and cooling thermal power when applying an electric DC current at different directions. The current direction determines cooling or heating. The current magnitude determines the effect of cooling or heating. A peltier controller is a must for controlling the peltier cooler automatically. The PID control system comes with high precision, which can be u...(more)

The Working Principle and Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics

Time: 2018-03-13 10:48:24    Click: 151

Since 1880 that the Curie brothers discovered the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline, it has been well studied and widely used in various fields for nearly 140 years. Piezoelectric ceramics is the most typical representative. The working principle of piezoelectric ceramics is actually the conversion of energy. Applying a pressure or pulling force to the piezoelectric ceramics to deform the surface of the piezoelectric ceramics will generate electricity at both ends of the ceramics. This is to co...(more)

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