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New SMT Resistor Kits

Time: 2018-01-22 15:31:36    Click: 222

SMT/SMD resistor kits is a chipset package designed for circuit design, experiment and debugging by Analog Technologies, which greatly facilitates the management of SMT components and has obtained the national patent. The Component Kits include SMT/SMD resistor kits, SMT/SMD capacitor kits and SMT/SMD inductor kits, totally three series. Now I will introduce a new super surface mount resistor kit R04B760V50-20D. The external dimension of the SMT resistor kit are 309mm242mm40mm (L * W * H), which...(more)

New Resistor Kit Developed By ATI

Time: 2018-01-18 13:18:20    Click: 124

SMT resistance box is a national flagship product of our company. Over years, we are dedicated to designing and developing resistor kits, capacitor kits and so on. The product is suitable for sorting out, storing and managing precision components to avoid the clutter of components, largely improving research efficiency and reduce RD time. This series of products have been fully packaged and comprehensive. As a tool, it has been widely used in various laboratories, research and development instit...(more)

ATLSxA216 Series Laser Diode Driver

Time: 2018-01-18 11:36:38    Click: 211

In order to meet customer demand for drving high voltage laser diode, we have developed a series of high voltage constant current laser drivers ATLSXA216. There are three models with three different current. It has both a wide input voltage range from 5.5V to 15V and a wide output voltage range from 0.8V to 0.8VVPS. At the same time, it allows driving one or more laser diodes and its current can be as high as 12A. There is no need for heat sink with high efficiency. Its very difficult to meet th...(more)

TEC Controller Evaluation Board

Time: 2018-01-16 11:56:40    Click: 229

Evaluation board TECEV104 for TEC controllers is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications of TEC controllers. The series TEC controller includes TECA1XVXV-D, TECA1XVXV-DAH, TEC5V4A-D and TEC5V6A-D. The evaluation board is mainly used to adjust the TEC controllers external compensation network to match the users thermal load characteristics. There are solder pads on the left and right edges of the board that can be used for connecting the external instruments. The evaluation bo...(more)

TEC Controller TEC5V4A

Time: 2018-01-16 11:31:05    Click: 214

The TEC Controller TEC5V4A is designed for driving TECs. It can be highly stable to adjust the object temperature. There are three versions for this controller: TEC5V4A-D, TEC5V4A-DA, TEC5V4A-DAH. It has a very small package with a 6 sided metal enclosure to prevent the controller and other electronics from interfering with each other. The TEC5V4A has high efficiency without using a heat sink. The efficiency is up to 90%. It is powered by a DC voltage 5V and the output current can go up to 4A. T...(more)

ATLSxxx104 Series Laser Drivers

Time: 2018-01-15 13:56:59    Click: 248

Our main products include tec controllers, laser drivers, tec module, thermistors, high voltage power supply and so on. Today I will introduce a low noise constant current laser driver ATLSXXX104. There are 5 models: ATLS100MA104, ATLS250MA104, ATLS500MA104, ATLS1A104 and ATLS1.5A104. The ATLSXXX104 series laser drivers have ultra low output noise, compact size, current-limited protection, and two kinds of packaging are available: DIP and SMT. If the controller temperature exceeds the preset lim...(more)

Constant Current Low Noise Laser Driver ATLS100MA103

Time: 2018-01-03 13:58:12    Click: 290

Laser diodes are the most common laser type in the market, which can be used in telecommunication, measuring instruments, barcode readers, laser absorption spectrometry, and many other applications. This product, ATLS100MA103, is a laser driver that is designed for driving these laser diodes with ultra-low noise and constant current. The output current noise is as low as 1.5uAP-P when the frequency is 0.1Hz to 10Hz, and the output current is 100mA. This laser driver does not require a heat sink...(more)

Evaluation Board for Laser Driver ATLSxA201D

Time: 2018-01-03 13:56:05    Click: 246

Evaluation board for ATLSXA201D series diode laser drivers is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications for ATLSXA201D, The series includes ATLS500MA201D, ATLS1A201D, ATLS2A201D, ATLS3A201D, ATLS4A201D, and ATLS6A201D. The evaluation board has many good features. It can set and monitor the output current, has an LED for indicating the working status of the driver, and so on. Multiple solder pads on the edges of the board can be used for connecting the external instruments or co...(more)

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