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High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V3KV1MAW

Time: 2016-05-26 11:06:10    Click: 116

High voltage power supply is designed and used to achieve DC DC conversion from low voltage to high voltage. AHV12V3KV1MAW is a typical high voltage power supply. As shown in the part number, AHV12V3KV1MAW, A stands for the company name, Analog Technologies, Inc; HV is for high voltage; 12V is the typical input voltage, and 3KV is the maximum output voltage, 3000V. 1MA means the maximum output current, and W refers to the connection type, wire. There are several wires in the high voltage power s...(more)

High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V2KV1MAW

Time: 2016-05-25 11:27:34    Click: 143

AHV12V2KV1MAW is a newly developed high voltage power supply, which is used to converse low voltage to high voltage. This high voltage power supply can be applied to many fields, such as electron beam welding, CRT monitor test, particle accelerator, nanotechnology application, etc. The input voltage of this high voltage power supply is from 11V to 13V, typically 12V, and the output voltage ranges from 0V to 2kV. The input current for full load is 350mA typically. The maximum output current is 1....(more)

Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS250MA103

Time: 2016-05-19 14:14:17    Click: 142

ATLS250MA103 is a laser driver in 103 series, with a maximum current up to 250mA. This laser driver features low noise, 2.5AP-P at the frequency of 0.1Hz to 10Hz. This laser diode driver doesnt need heat sinks since it generates very small amount of heat, less than 1W. The absolute accuracy of this laser driver is high, 0.1%. It also comes with high stability, 100ppm/C. The laser controller has a over temperature protection circuit, which can prevent the laser driver from being overheat when the...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH10KBL2A

Time: 2016-05-18 16:34:53    Click: 182

ATH10KBL2A is a high performance NTC thermsitor series, with glass encapsulated thermistor head and a ring lug outside it. The ring lug is used to mount to other objects easily and the glass encapsulated thermistor head ensures high stability and liability. The ATH10KBL2A is one of the three models in this series. The other two part numbers are ATH10KBL2AT65 and ATH10KBL2AT65S. These two thermistor assemblies have plastic tubing covered in the two lead wires in order to prevent the leads from sh...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH100KL2C

Time: 2016-05-17 09:48:38    Click: 161

ATH100KL2C is a NTC thermistor assembly with a ring lug outside the thermistor head, as shown in the photo below. This ring lug is used for mounting to a target object easily. The thermistor head inside the ring lug is ATH100K1R25, so the characteristics of ATH100KL2C are similar to ATH100K1R25. The nominal resistance of this thermistor assembly at 25 Celsius degree is 100k. Besides this type, we have another two types in this series, ATH100KL2CT70 and ATH100KL2CT70S, both of which have their tw...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH100K1R25

Time: 2016-05-14 09:32:40    Click: 127

ATH100K1R25 is a high performance ntc thermistor series. It has three models, i.e., ATH100K1R25, ATH100K1R25T70, and ATH100K1R25T70S. They are all glass encapsulated NTC thermistors with high stability and long term liability. The latter two thermistors are covered with plastic tubing in their two lead wires for insulation purpose and the last one is the sealed version of the previous one, which can be used in moisture environment. The thermistor head has a very compact size, 1.25mm diameter. Th...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH1R38M0.1%200CL5R3

Time: 2016-05-14 09:26:36    Click: 104

ATH1R38M0.1%200CL5R3 is a NTC thermistor assembly with a ring lug outside the thermistor head, which is used for easy mounting. This series of NTC thermistors are all glass encapsulated thermistors with high precision when measuring temperature. There are three versions in this NTC thermistor series, ATH1R38M0.1%200CL5R3, ATH1R38M0.1%200CL5R3T70 and ATH1R38M0.1%200CL5R3T70S. All the three thermistors come with an extra small ring lug and two lead wires. As indicated in the part number, 1R38M sta...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH10KR8B

Time: 2016-05-13 09:24:11    Click: 137

ATH10KR8B series NTC thermsitors are the replacement part of our ATH10KR8B, which has stopped production already. This new NTC thermistor comes with three versions, ATH10KR8B, ATH10KR8BT65, and ATH10KR8BT65S. All the three versions are glass encapsulated NTC thermistors. The first thermsitor has two bare copper coated lead wires. The second one has two leads covered with plastic tubing for insulation purpose. The last one is the upgraded version of the second one, i.e., it is sealed between the...(more)

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