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Peltier Thermo-Electric Cooling (TEC) Controller (TEC5V4A-D)

Time: 2016-08-02 14:04:41    Click: 129

Thermoelectric cooler are widely used in heating and cooling applications for military, medical care, laboratory, and daily use. Thermoelectric module is also called Peltier cooler, or TEC module. Peltier cooler, or so called TEC controller, TEC5V4A-D, is used to drive thermoelectric cooler in regulating the object temperature with high stability, high energy efficiency, zero EMI, and small package. This TEC controller allows users to set some parameters, such as set-point temperature range; max...(more)

Super Surface-Mount Differential Resistor Set (R08E96-50-300)

Time: 2016-08-02 14:02:27    Click: 204

ATI provides various types of SMT component kits, including resistor kits, capacitor kits, and inductor kits. This article will focus on differential resistor kits with the accuracy of 1%, and the part number is R08E96-50-300. This set of resistor kits includes four kits, and each kit has a size of a letter size paper, which can be carried out easily by the users. For this set of differential resistor kit, each kit has 128 individual lidded compartment. The resistors inside the resistor kits are...(more)

Constant Current Laser Diode Driver ATLSXA201D

Time: 2016-08-02 14:00:40    Click: 216

ATLSXA201D series laser diode drivers have been in the market for many years and received good feedbacks in driving laser diodes. This laser driver has high efficiency, over 90%. The maximum output current can be 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 6A, with current output noise of 0.05%. This laser driver comes with multiple functions, such as laser constant current monitoring and control, over current and over heat protection, laser current control and laser diode status indication, soft start, shut down,...(more)

Long Life TEC Module ATE1-TC-31-3AS

Time: 2016-08-02 13:57:58    Click: 87

TEC module is more and more popular in temperature control applications, such as air conditioning, medical care, laboratory testing device, etc. TEC modules feature no moving parts and no need for any refrigerant. For standard TEC modules, the service life will be largely reduced when the TEC modules are suffering heat and cool impact frequently. This TEC modules, ATE1-TC-31-3AS, is designed for thermal cycling applications, which can bear frequent heat and cool impact. Therefore, the service li...(more)

Peltier Controller TEC Controller TECA1-xV-xV-DAH

Time: 2016-08-02 13:52:55    Click: 158

ATI provides various types of TEC controllers, which can also be called Peltier controllers. They are widely used to control Peltier coolers, or so called TEC modules. Different TEC modules requires different TEC controller due to different voltages and currents. TECA1-xV-xV-DAH is a newly developed TEC controller, which is based on TECA1-xV-xV-D. This Peltier cooler has many features, such as high efficiency, high stability, high reliability and small size. The most important feature that makes...(more)

High Voltage Power Supply AHV12V6KV1MAW

Time: 2016-08-01 14:42:36    Click: 142

AHV12V6KV1MAW is a typical high voltage power supply that converts low DC voltage into high DC voltage. The input voltage can be 11V to 13V, and the output voltage can reach 6000V. The maximum output current is 1.0mA. This high voltage power supply can be widely used in many fields such as industrial measurement and control, energy spectrum analysis, medical field, and environmental monitoring, etc. High voltage power supply comes with many features, high efficiency and high output voltage stabi...(more)

High Voltage Power Supply AHV30V18KVR5MAW

Time: 2016-07-30 16:06:41    Click: 172

This high voltage power supply, AHV30V18KVR5MAW, can converse low DC voltage, about 27V to 30V, to high DC voltage, 18kV, with a maximum current of 0.5mA. This power supply features a regulated and stable output voltage and high efficiency. It can be applied in the industry, agriculture, national defense, scientific research and other fields. This DC-DC converter is shielded by a heavy duty metal enclosure, which block all the incoming and outgoing EMIs. There is a reverse input voltage protecti...(more)

Super Surface-Mount Capacitor Kits

Time: 2016-07-22 16:14:35    Click: 97

Surface mount capacitor kit is popular worldwide over the past ten years. This capacitor kit provides a simple solution for electronic engineers or enthusiasts in electronic RD center or scientific and technological institution. The surface mount capacitor kits are based on our SMT component enclosure, which provides a compact and sealed container for SMT capacitors, so that the capacitors will not leak out during transportation. This capacitor kit has 128 individual compartments for storing SMT...(more)

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