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What is a good laser driver modules?——CWD-01-V2-D

Time: 2018-08-07 13:12:33    Click: 201

When it comes to the question, good diode laser driver, of course, different people have different definitions for it as customers have various applications for the laser drives, for example, they may need constant current laser drivers, high power laser drivers, or high speed laser driver, and etc. The product I am going to introduce now is one constant current laser driver, whose part No. is CWD-01-V2-D. Please find the physical photo of it below: This laser driver is high efficiency with 2A m...(more)

Load Assembly for Laser Drivers ALLD10A14V

Time: 2018-08-06 14:35:04    Click: 226

Diode lasers are valuable but vulnerable devices, and when you need to test a new laser driver, its better to use a dummy laser. ATI has developed such a dummy laser, i.e. a load assembly for testing laser driver, ALLD10A14V. This load assembly allows a current of up to 10A and the reserve voltage on each diode can be 150V. Moreover, it can bear a current of 100A for a short time, while regular laser diodes only allow a current 1.5 to 2 times higher than the rated value. Therefore, we can see th...(more)

Why and How Should We Choose A Constant Current Laser Driver

Time: 2018-08-03 17:20:43    Click: 193

Why laser diode needs to be driven by a constant current laser driver? A. The laser diode itself is a very vulnerable device, so when it is working, a larger current will cause the laser diode to burn out, and a lower current will not make the laser diode work properly. With a constant current source, the current can be just right and the laser diode can work normally without damage. B. Laser diodes are extremely temperature-sensitive in the operation. The forward voltage of the laser diode decr...(more)

ATLS8A216 High Voltage Laser Driver

Time: 2018-07-31 15:28:48    Click: 164

ATLS8A216 is a laser driver module with high voltage and constant current, which is used for driving one or multiple laser diodes. This laser driver module has several valuable, important, and great features that difficult to achieve at just one module. For example, high efficiency 90%, wide input and output voltage range, high output current 8A, low output noise, wide modulation bandwidth DC 20kHz, and compact size 27.4215.7 (mm). The laser driver produces little heat due to its high efficiency...(more)

ATLS214EV1.0 Evaluation Board

Time: 2018-07-30 15:35:38    Click: 92

Our main products include TEC controller, laser driver, tec module, resistor kits and so on. Today I will introduce an evaluation board ATLS214EV1.0 The ATLSxA214D is a series of high efficiency constant current laser drivers for driving multiple laser diodes. ATLS214EV1.0 is designed for evaluating these series laser drivers conveniently. Since the ATLSXA214D series laser drivers come with up to 6A current, the evaluation board provides good heat dissipation as well as power supply and connecti...(more)

Laser Driver Evaluation Board ATLS218EV1.0

Time: 2018-07-25 09:35:50    Click: 90

The evaluation board is not a necessity for project development, but it is the best replacement before the application circuit is completed. It is a circuit board that can be used for software testing and hardware debugging. The ATLS218EV1.0 evaluation board developed by Analog Technologies Co., Ltd. is designed to accurately evaluate the ATLSxA218D series laser drivers. The ATLSxA218D series laser drivers are highly efficient and constant current ones for driving one or more laser diode arrays....(more)

ATLS218EV1.0 Evaluation Board

Time: 2018-07-20 16:32:07    Click: 229

Evaluation board ATLS218EV1.0 is designed to evaluate the functions and basic specifications for laser driver ATLS15A218D conveniently. The ATLS15A218D is a high efficiency constant current laser driver for driving laser diode. Since the ATLS15A218D laser driver comes with up to 15A current, the evaluation board not only provides good heat dissipation, but also power supply and connection ports, totally four ports. There are terminal blocks and solder pads at the input and signal ports. They are...(more)

How to Select High Voltage Power Supply

Time: 2018-07-19 14:18:21    Click: 126

If you need a high voltage power supply in your project and you are new to high voltage power supply, then how do you select a proper high voltage power supply ? At first, determine the output voltage range of the high voltage power supply according to the specific applications. There are positive and negative output voltages. Take ATIs high voltage power supply as an example. The high voltage power supplies come with positive output voltages from 1kV to 60kV, while the negative output voltages...(more)

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