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Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS6A214

Time: 2016-06-21 13:20:36    Click: 111

ATLS6A214 laser driver comes with high voltage, constant current, and high efficiency. The efficiency can reach over 90%, so there is no need for heat sink. It also has a compact size, 27.4*21*5.7mm, which saves valuable PCB space in laser applications. The input voltage range is from 5V to 14V, and the maximum output current is 6A, as indicated in the part number, ATLS6A214. This high voltage laser diode driver can drive multiple laser diodes with high efficiency at the same time. The output cu...(more)

High Stability NTC Thermsitor ATH100K1R25

Time: 2016-06-20 13:35:41    Click: 166

ATH100K1R25 is a glass encapsulated ntc thermistor with two copper coated lead wires. This ntc thermistor has higher stability and precision than general epoxy encapsulated thermistor. The thermistor can be used to sense the temperature for those applications, where require high temperature sensitivity, long term stability, and high sensing temperature, such as optical components, laser drivers, industrial process control, etc.. This series ntc thermistors are divided into three types, one is wi...(more)

Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS4A214

Time: 2016-06-17 11:02:58    Click: 107

ATLS4A214 is a high voltage constant current laser diode driver, which comes with a wide input voltage range, from 5V to 14V. This laser diode driver has a high efficiency, over 90%, so there is no need for heat sinks. As shown in the picture below, a 6 sided metal enclosure can block all the incoming and outgoing EMIs, so it will not interfere or be interfered by other electronics. This laser driver also has a compact size, which saves space for most applications. There are some other features,...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor Assembly ATH10KL2C

Time: 2016-06-17 10:57:08    Click: 187

ATH10KL2C ntc thermistor assembly is similar to ATH10KL2B. The difference between them lies in the size of the ring lug outside the thermistor head. The thermistor head inside the ring lug is the same, a glass encapsulated ntc thermistor. The inner diameter of the ring lug in ATH10KL2C is larger than that in ATH10KL2B, which means a larger hole. The thermistor assembly is used for easy and fast mounting. Moreover, there are two more types in this series, ATH10KL2CT70 and ATH10KL2CT70S. The forme...(more)

Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS10A216

Time: 2016-06-14 11:35:05    Click: 246

Laser diode driver is usually used to drive laser diode. ATLS10A216 is a high voltage and constant current laser driver. This laser driver features compact size, fully shielded, low output current noise, wide input and output voltage range, high efficiency, etc. The laser driver ATLS10A216 comes with a high input voltage range, from 5.5V to 15V, and the output voltage range is also wide, from 0.8V to 15V. Therefore, this laser driver can drive one or multiple laser diodes at the same time. The m...(more)

High Performance NTC Thermsitor Assembly ATH10KL2B

Time: 2016-06-12 09:47:44    Click: 205

Traditional ntc thermistors are epoxy encapsulated or glass encapsulated. The latter one is better than the former one in performance. However, in many applications of ntc thermistors, it is not easy to mount the thermistors. Therefore, ATI provides a simple resolution for this: mount a metal ring lug outside the glass encapsulated ntc thermistor, which simplified the mounting process of the ntc thermistors. This ntc thermistor assembly ATH10KL2B is the updated version of ATH10K1R25, which is wi...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Cooler ATE1-71 Series

Time: 2016-06-08 16:30:49    Click: 86

ATE1-71 series thermoelectric coolers are popular in the market worldwide. The TEC module features a compact size and no moving parts. There are 71 pairs of Peltier elements inside the two ceramic surfaces. More Peltier elements, larger input voltage. The input voltage of this series TEC modules is 8.5V. This TEC module comes with two ceramic plates and two insulated lead wires of different colors. The red wire is the positive one, and the black the negative one. TEC modules can bear orthogonal...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Cooler ATE1-63 Series

Time: 2016-06-08 09:26:27    Click: 187

ATE1-63 series thermoelectric coolers have 63 pairs of Peltier elements with a maximum input voltage of 8V. This series TEC modules are designed for heating up and cooling down objects in a wide temperature range, up to 200C. TEC modules can be applied in solid state lasers, optical components, bio-tech testing benches, etc. There are several options for the maximum current, from 1.9A to 6A, which results in different power ratings. The maximum temperature difference can be 63C, 67C, or 74.5C. I...(more)

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