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Piezo Drivers vs. SMA Drivers

Time: 2018-04-04 13:21:56    Click: 128

Piezoelectric materials vs. SMA Piezoelectric materials are crystalline materials that generate a voltage at the both ends when pressure is applied to them to deform the surface; the most important characteristic is the piezoelectric effect, including the piezoelectric effect and the inverse piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect refers to the application of a force to the piezoelectric material for deforming the surface of the piezoelectric material, thus forming charges at both ends of the...(more)

High Voltage Power Supply and Inverter

Time: 2018-04-02 11:42:03    Click: 198

When mentioning high voltage power supply , I can think of the inverter immediately. What is the difference between the high voltage power supply and the inverter? High voltage power supply generally refers to DC high voltage power supply that can output voltages above 1kV. There are two types, DC-DC and AC-DC. Inverter generally refers to the device that converts DC power (batteries, storage batteries) into AC current (DC-AC). High voltage power supply is widely used in production, industry, ag...(more)

World Wonderful Capacitor Kits

Time: 2018-03-29 14:38:35    Click: 187

Capacitor is a general component in the field of electronics. There is no denying that no one experiment can be done successfully without using capacitors. Now that capacitor is so common used, how engineers can pick the specific values they want in a quick way. Therefore, to help electronic engineers save time becomes an important problem, and Analog Technologies, Incorporated puts great efforts into developing some kind of box for storing generally used electronic components. Taking about 1 ye...(more)

Introduction and Use of Laser Driver Module ATLSxA201D

Time: 2018-03-28 14:40:46    Click: 255

ATLSXA201D is a high efficiency constant current laser driver module. There are 6 laser drivers in this series, of which the largest current one can drive 6A diode lasers. The xA in the model represents the maximum output current of the laser driver module, which can be: 500mA, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 6A respectively. The ATLSxA201D series diode laser drivers are the upgraded alternative to the CWD-01-V2 laser drivers with shorter start-up times. This series laser driver modules feature low noise, hi...(more)

Multifunctional Piezo Driver

Time: 2018-03-27 16:42:21    Click: 241

Recently, Analog Technologies, Inc, hereinafter referred to as ATI, developed a multifunctional Piezo driver ATPD300V2A . Piezo is a micro-displacement device based on the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramic. However, due to the disadvantages of piezoelectric ceramics, such as hysteresis, creep and displacement nonlinearity, the displacement output is related to the electric field strength and the input voltage. The use of piezo drive for solid deformation requires high precisi...(more)

Inverse Piezoelectric Effect and Piezo Drivers

Time: 2018-03-23 14:04:54    Click: 497

Inverse piezoelectric effect refers to that when an electric field is applied in the polarization direction of piezoelectric sensing elements, these piezoelectric sensing elements will produce mechanical deformation or mechanical pressure in a certain direction. When the applied electric field is removed, this deformation or pressure will disappear as well. The deformation of piezoelectric sensors can be thickness deformation, length deformation, volume deformation, thickness shear, and plane sh...(more)

AAS12A12V2 Laser Driver

Time: 2018-03-22 14:17:02    Click: 121

AAS12A12V2 laser driver is designed for driving diode lasers. It is powered by an AC voltage between 100V to 240V and the output current can go up to 12A. Since there are many different signals in the circuit, diode lasers are susceptible to external signal interference in the process of their operation, for example, the instantaneous current generated by the power supply can be turned on or off; sometimes, during the circuit setting process, no protective measures are taken, causing the diode l...(more)

TEC28V15A Peltier Controller

Time: 2018-03-21 11:16:26    Click: 250

Peltier modules are also called TEC module, which is used to cool down or heat up an object in a temperature regulation system. Peltier modules cant work independently, and often work with a Peltier controller. This Peltier controller, TEC28V15A, can drive and control the operation of Peltier modules with an input DC voltage of 9V to 28V and an output current up to 15A. The most excellent feature of this Peltier controller is the built-in smart auto PID control, which is the worlds first innovat...(more)

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