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Super Surface Mount Resistor Kits

Time: 2016-07-22 16:08:17    Click: 136

Super surface mount resistor kit is the worlds only and convenient resistor kit, which has more than 100 compartments. Each compartment comes with an individual lid and each kit has a final top cover. There is a foam pad inside the top cover and when the cover closed, the foam pad keeps all the coverlets closed so that all the components inside the compartments will not leaked out. This resistor kit measures like a letter size paper or a teaching book so that users can put it in a bag and carry...(more)

The Coolest Resistor Kits Ever!

Time: 2016-07-22 15:17:09    Click: 164

Here at ATI, weve been designing and redesigning our special kits for almost twenty years and are proud to offer the absolute best resistor kits on the market; the Super SMT Resistor Kits. These kits combine convenience, style, and impeccable organization into one portable case thats hard to resist! Our SMT resistor kits are made with our very own special containers, the Super SMT Component Enclosure. It features 128 compartments, each with its own individual locking lid. No more getting your re...(more)

Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermsitor ATH10K1R0

Time: 2016-07-18 09:29:08    Click: 155

ATH10K1R0 series ntc thermistors are glass encapsulated, with two coated lead wires. Glass encapsulated ensures the thermistor a long term stability, and the coated lead wires can prevent them from touching and then shorting each other. Compared with epoxy ntc thermistors, glass encapsulated ones have smaller size, shorter response time, and better long term stability. They have wider temperature range. Since ATH10K1R0 thermistors have the thermistor head and the lead wires sealed, they can be a...(more)

The Definition of Low Niose Amplifier

Time: 2016-07-14 11:39:51    Click: 309

As it is known to all, some very low frequency noise (0.1Hz to 10Hz) can’t be measured by oscilloscope, so we design a circuit to amplify these low noises to make sure noise value can be common figures which has been given in amplifier datasheets. A...(more)

The Most Obvious Features of NTC Thermistors

Time: 2016-07-14 11:37:57    Click: 279

NTC is short for Negative Temperate Coefficient. Resistance is varied with the temperature change, and its resistance will decrease when the temperature rise and vice-versa. For example, the resistance is 50kΩ when it is at 25℃, while the resistanc...(more)

Dual Mode Laser Diode Driver Product LDA1-CP1

Time: 2016-07-12 09:49:34    Click: 129

This dual mode laser diode driver LDA1-CP1 is designed for driving P type laser diode. This laser driver can control and monitor the output driving current and output laser power. The laser driver comes with PWM output stage with an efficiency of over 90%, so it doesnt need any heat sinks. For this laser driver, the output current and laser power can be set by two independent input voltages linearly, and can also be monitored by its output voltages respectively. This laser driver has a 2.5V low...(more)

Long Life TEC Module ATE1-TC-199

Time: 2016-07-11 12:54:40    Click: 172

ATE1-TC-199 long life TEC modules have 199 pairs of Peltier elements, and no moving parts. Long life refers that these TEC modules have a long service life when suffering frequent changes between heating and cooling. Standard TEC modules will have a shorter life time when suffering the same. Many experiments show that ATE1-TC-199 TEC modules have significantly long life time in thermal cycling applications. The maximum input voltage is 27.4V, and the current is 13A. There are two types in this s...(more)

Long Life TEC Module ATE1-TC-127

Time: 2016-07-08 13:10:07    Click: 207

ATE1-TC-127 series TEC modules come with 127 pairs of Peltier elements, with the maximum input voltage of 17.5V or 16.2V. These TEC modules can be used in thermal cycling applications with a long service life. There are currently six models in this series, and the current can be 5.5A, 5.7A,7.8A, 8A and 12.1A. Therefore, the power ratings are different. The maximum temperature that this series TEC modules can attain can be 74.5C, 72.5C and 72C. There are two sealing version available, sealed and...(more)

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