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ATFC106D Digital TEC Controller with Fan

Time: 2016-04-25 14:05:53    Click: 217

ATFC106D digital TEC controller assembly is the updated version of the old ATFC105D, which has stopped production now. As shown in the photo below, there is a LED display and a panel for operation. In this panel, you can set different parameters and monitor different status by the LED indication. This controller assembly consists of a digital display, a TEC controller, a fan controller, and temperature controlled relay control output. Its recommended to use this TEC controller assembly with heat...(more)

TEC5V4A-D Peltier Controller TEC Controller

Time: 2016-04-22 09:56:23    Click: 111

TEC module is also called thermoelectric cooler or Peltier cooler, which can generate heating or cooling thermal power when an electric DC current is applied at different directions. Current direction determines heating and cooling. There are two ceramic plates on both sides of TEC module, and when the current flows in one direction, one plate is heated up while the other one is cooled down. When the current direction reverses, the two plates will reverse thermal polarity accordingly. TEC module...(more)

TEC5V6A-D Peltier Controller TEC Controller

Time: 2016-04-22 09:52:42    Click: 153

TEC controller TEC5V6A-D is designed to drive thermoelectric cooler, which is also called TEC module or Peltier cooler. TEC module can heat up or cool down target objects by applying currents of different direction, and has been widely used in temperature related applications. As the controller to TEC modules, TEC controller should has high efficiency and high stability. TEC5V6A-D is a good option. The maximum output current of this TEC controller is 6A, and the maximum output voltage is power s...(more)

TECA1-xV-xV-DAH Peltier Controller TEC Controller

Time: 2016-04-21 09:42:00    Click: 192

TECA1-xV-xV-DAH TEC controller is designed and applied for driving Peltier coolers with high stability. This TEC controller is the updated version of TECA1-xV-xV-D, since it has a higher precision. The most important feature of this TEC controller is that the maximum voltage difference between the TEMP pin and TEMPSP pin is 0.5, while for TECA1-xV-xV-D, this maximum voltage difference is 25, 500 times higher than the former one. Besides this, other features of this TEC controller are similar to...(more)

TECA1-xV-xV-D Peltier Controller TEC Controller

Time: 2016-04-19 11:49:46    Click: 207

TEC controller can also be called Peltier controller, since it is used to driving Peltier modules, which is also called TEC modules. TECA1-xV-xV-D has high efficiency, more than 90%, and high stability, 0.01C. This TEC controller has a compact size, which saves valuable spaces for systems. This TEC controller comes with multiple interface ports for users to set the desired object temperature, the maximum output voltage across TEC, and the compensation network. The compensation network is used to...(more)

ATTP1A Temperature Plate Assembly

Time: 2016-04-18 09:52:31    Click: 175

ATTP1A is a temperature plate assembly, which can be also called cold plate. This assembly includes a TEC module, a TEC controller, an evaluation board of TEC controller, a fan, a heat sink and a thermistor. This temperature plate assembly is designed and used to evaluate TEC controller, TEC module or heat sinks. It can also be used to stabilize the temperature of the target objects for scientific experiments. As shown in the photo below, on the left side of the cold plate, there is a TEC contro...(more)

Low Noise Laser Diode Driver ATLS500MA104

Time: 2016-04-15 09:48:41    Click: 137

ATLS500MA104 is a low noise laser diode driver that is designed for driving laser diodes with low noise current of 500mA. The noise is low, 3.96VP-P at the frequency of 0.1Hz to 10Hz. The output current of this laser driver can be modulated by an external signal of up to 100 KHz, or set by an input voltage linearly, which results in a minimum 100nS rise and fall times at the output current. When LIS equals to 1V DC plus 200mV AC, the output current is modulated between 200mA to 210mA. The output...(more)

Low Noise Laser Diode Driver ATLS250MA106

Time: 2016-04-15 09:29:27    Click: 228

ATLS250MA106 is a constant current laser diode driver with 250mA low noise current. The noise is very low, 2VP-P at the frequency of 0.1Hz to 10Hz. There is no need for heat sinks. When the power supply is 5V, the output voltage is from 1.5V to 4V. This laser driver comes with an internal temperature compensation network so as to maintain the output current to be the same even as the laser driver temperature rises. The laser driver will shut down by itself when the temperature exceeds 120C, whic...(more)

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