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High Performance NTC Thermsitor ATH10K1R0

Time: 2016-05-12 11:52:11    Click: 119

NTC thermistors are widely used in applications of temperature sensing and measurement. In these applications, high temperature sensitivity, long term stability and high reliability are needed. This NTC thermistor, ATH10K1R0, is a glass encapsulated thermistor with two coated leads. It is sealed between the thermistor head and the two leads, which can be used in non-corrosive liquid of up to 250C for temperature sensing or measurement. The detailed parameters of this NTC thermistor are as follow...(more)

Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS200MA103

Time: 2016-05-11 09:29:10    Click: 89

ATLS200MA103 is laser driver with compact size and low noise, which is designed for driving laser diodes. The noise is very low, 2.5VP-P at 0.1Hz to 10Hz. This laser driver has many features, i.e., it comes with a high absolute accuracy, 0.1%, and high stability, 100ppm/C. This laser driver doesnt need heat sink for heat dissipation, since it generates little heat, 1W. This laser diode driver is packaged in a enclosure which blocks EMIs from outside. Moreover, this laser driver comes with a over...(more)

Laser Controller Laser Diode Driver ATLS100MA103

Time: 2016-05-10 09:21:27    Click: 161

Laser driver is also called laser controller, laser diode driver, which is designed and used for driving diode lasers. The laser drivers of Analog Technologies, Inc are featured compact size, high efficiency, low noise and RoHS compliant. ATLS100MA103 is one of 103 series laser drivers. This laser driver, ATLS100MA103, outputs 1.5V to 4V when it is powered by a 5V input voltage. The maximum output current of this laser driver is 100mA with ultra low noise, 1.5VP-P at a frequency of 0.1Hz to 10Hz...(more)

Negative Temperature Coefficient NTC Thermsitor

Time: 2016-05-07 10:52:57    Click: 139

NTC is short for Negative temperature coefficient, which refers to semiconductor or components with high negative temperature coefficient. Therefore, the so-called NTC thermistor is the thermistor with high negative coefficient temperature. NTC thermistor is made up of metallic oxides, such as manganese, cobalt, and copper, and made by using ceramic technology. These metallic oxide materials have semiconductor property, since they are similar to the semiconductors such as germanium and silicon,...(more)

The History of NTC Thermistors

Time: 2016-05-07 10:42:51    Click: 155

NTC thermistor refers to thermistors with negative temperature coefficient. When the temperature rises, the resistance of NTC thermistors will decrease, and when the temperature falls, the resistance will increase. The development of NTC thermistor has been through a long period of time. In 1834, scientists found that silver sulfide has negative temperature coefficient property for the first time. Then in 1930, cuprous oxide and cupric oxide are found by scientists to have negative temperature c...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Cooler ATE1-31

Time: 2016-05-05 09:20:19    Click: 229

Peltier cooler ATE1-31 has 31 pairs of Peltier elements, with two ceramic plates and two lead wires of different colors. The maximum voltage is 3.9V, and the maximum current is variable due to the height of the Peltier elements. There are several models in this series. For example, ATE1-31-1ASH, 31 represents 31 pairs of Peltier elements; 1A stands for the maximum current; S is for sealed between the two ceramic plates of the TEC; H means the TEC module has high operating temperature, up to 200C...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Cooler ATE1-17

Time: 2016-05-04 12:45:42    Click: 175

ATE1-17 series of Peltier coolers come with 17 pairs of Peltier elements, with a maximum input voltage of 2.2V. There are two insulated lead wires, one is red for positive and the other is black for negative, as shown in the photo below. The TEC module comes with two ceramic plates for easy mounting. The Peltier cooler can be soldered to the target object and heat sink, or mounted by using thermal conductive pad or epoxy. To achieve best cooling effect, soldering is recommended, but it is not co...(more)

Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier Cooler ATE1-07

Time: 2016-05-03 14:40:38    Click: 143

Peltier cooler ATE1-07 has 7 pairs of Peltier elements, with a maximum input voltage of 0.9V. The size of this series TEC modules is small, less than 10mm. There are two ceramic plates on the both side of the TEC module. Take one TEC module as an example, ATE1-07-3AS, 1 refers to single stage TEC; 07 stands for 7 pairs of Peltier elements; 3A is the maximum current allowed to go through the TEC; S means sealed between the two ceramic plates of the TEC module, without this S in the part number, i...(more)

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