Thermal Cycling TEC Modules

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TEC module


Maximum Input Voltage: 27.4V

Low Cost

Longer thermal cycling operational life than standard TECs

100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant


Regulate the temperature of the target object with high changing speed and stabilize the temperature to a wide range with high precision. Thermal cycling TEC modules are widely used for temperature cycling applications, including instrumentation, PCR devices, thermal cyclers, chillers and analyzers, etc.


The ATE1-TC-199 series TECs come in with highly flat bare ceramic surfaces on the both sides, they can be mounted onto flat metal surfaces by inserting thin layers of thermally conductive filler materials, the so-called thermal pads, or placing a thin layer of thermal paste. When mounting, make sure that proper pressure is applied constantly to keep good thermal contacting between the metal and the TEC plates, minimizing thermal resistance between them. In the part number, for example, ATE1-TC-199-13AS, "TC" stands for thermal cycling; "13A" indicates the maximum current allowed for entering the TEC module; "S" represents sealed version. Without this "S" suffix means non-sealed version.