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The Definition of Sensor

Time: Dec 30 2014    Click: 339

Sensors (English name: transducer/sensor) is a kind of detection device, sensing the measured information, and transform information into electrical signal according to certain rule or other forms of output information, for satisfying such...(more)

Operating principle of thermoelectric coolers

Time: Dec 29 2014    Click: 335

Thermoelectric coolers are operated by the Peltier effect which also goes by the more general name thermoelectric effect. The device has two sides, and when DC current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so t...(more)

Laser Technology

Time: Dec 26 2014    Click: 658

The laser is a device that a beam of light that is both scientifically and practically of great use because it is coherent light. The beam is produced by a process known as stimulated emission, and the word laser is an acronym for the phras...(more)

How do the resistance manufactures control the parameters of resistance?

Time: Dec 26 2014    Click: 279

During the productive process, by controlling the material composition, sintering atmosphere, sintering temperature and the state of structure, we can control resistance under the same temperature, and also be able to control the value chan...(more)

The Features of Laser

Time: Dec 26 2014    Click: 332

There are huge differences between laser and ordinary light, and laser owns the following features: 1.The laser launched is monochromatic, and it has a specific wavelength light which would be a specific color. Whats more, its wavelength de...(more)


Time: Dec 25 2014    Click: 382

There are a lot of people worried about heating element working in the airtight space, and the working heating element produces heat continuously, making temperature of the airtight space increase, and shortening the lifetime of the element...(more)

Brief Introduction of ATECA105

Time: Dec 24 2014    Click: 369

There are a lot of peopleworriedthat heating elementworked in the airtight space, the heating element at work continuously produces heat, make an airtight space of temperate increases, reducing the life of the element itself or even damage....(more)

The minimum limited voltage of 5 common colors LED lights

Time: Dec 24 2014    Click: 6142

The common specifications voltage of LED lights are 12V and 24V, and one team of 12V LED light consists of three pcs LEDs, while24VLED light is made up of six pcs LEDs. Once, some customer requested to reduce the power supply voltage, but h...(more)

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