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Several types of Heat Sinks

Time: Jan 16 2015    Click: 384

At present, there are many kinds of heat sinks, including natural convection, forced convection and liquid cooling. The natural convection radiator can be used in the small power condition, especially when the working current of small thermoelectric coolers is less than 2A. But for most application conditions, natural convection radiator cannot meet the requirement that all heat need to be exhausted, then we need to use forced convection radiators or liquid cooling radiators. In general, radiato...(more)

The Definition of Signal-Noise Ratio

Time: Jan 14 2015    Click: 500

SNR (SIGNAL-NOISE RATIO) refers to the ratio of signal and noise which is in an electronic device or electronic system. The electronic signals come from external device and need to be processed through the equipment, and the noise is additional signal without rules and does not exist in the original signal, and this noise does not vary with original signal. The unit of signal-noise ratio is dB, and its calculation method is 10 lg (PS/PN), in which PS represents the effective power of the signal ...(more)

What Are the Key Features of TEC Temperature Control?

Time: Jan 14 2015    Click: 430

One of the attractive features of thermoelectric technology is that it offers an incredible degree of control ability. With a properly tuned controller, it is possible to maintain systems well within 0.1 degree Celsius of set point. The key features are: Precise case temperature control. High stability even for DUTs with dynamic heat load. Very fast thermal response and short temperature setting time. Both cooling and heating functions. Compact. No vibration. Energy saving in many cases. The fol...(more)

Analysis of LED Market Prospects

Time: Jan 14 2015    Click: 683

LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, which is a solid light emitting device of semiconductor. Using light emitting materials of solid semiconductor chips, carriers in semiconductor will composite, cause photon emission and produce light, when the two ends of LED are with forward voltage. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple and white light. Our country has huge lighting market of LED and also has strong industrial foundation of lighting. With the deve...(more)

Super Resistor Kits

Time: Jan 14 2015    Click: 430

I am a designer. I have never used such a wonderful product. It is called RESISTOR KITS. It has 128 kinds of values from 0 ohm to 10M ohm in a box. The kits are very useful. It is easy to find any value of resister in E24 and I can place them on the work bench or the shelf. When I am doing an experiment, I only need to open the box and choose the label printed in the cover. Please look at the pictures below. Another reason I like it is the precision. It is 1%, much better than 5%. This product i...(more)

Introduction to Heat Sinks

Time: Jan 09 2015    Click: 353

Heat sinks are a device which is used to dissipate heat of electronic elements in electrical appliances. There are many kinds of heat sink materials. The following describes are about the aluminum, copper and combinative radiation fins of copper and aluminum. (1)Aluminum heat sink Currently, heat sink of aluminum is one of heat sinks of the highest use rate. As the highest amount of metal in the earths crust, the main characteristics are low cost and low thermal capacity. Although the endothermi...(more)

The Application Scope of LED

Time: Jan 09 2015    Click: 408

Because of LEDs advantages, LED is mainly used in the following aspects currently: (1)LED is used in display screens and traffic signal lamps because LED lamps have characteristics of anti-seismic, impact resistance, fast speed of light response, electricity saving and long service life. LED has been widely used in various indoor and outdoor display screens, which can be divided into panchromatic, tri color and monochrome display screen. Traffic lights mainly use red, green and yellow LED of ult...(more)

Temperature Control

Time: Jan 08 2015    Click: 329

Each one has its specific temperature. For example, my temperature is 36.5℃. If my temperature changes more than 0.1℃, I will get sick. Just like people, laser also has the specific temperature when it is working. If the temperature of laser changes more than 0.1℃, it will not work normally, and we cannot get the result what we would like to have. So we need to control the lasers temperature seriously. We offer you the best devices to control the laser temperature. The following picture is...(more)

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