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The Introduction to LED Lighting

Time: Jan 07 2015    Click: 286

After Edison invented the carbon incandescent lamp in 1879, lighting technology entered a new era. Reviewing the lighting history of the twentieth Century, people found out many new light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, hi...(more)

Application prospects of TEC

Time: Jan 06 2015    Click: 290

Except for being applied in the field of the refrigerator, water dispensers and other household appliances, the most important application of TEC is in the information technology field. As the cooling source of such electronic components as...(more)

Introduction to TEC technology

Time: Jan 05 2015    Click: 430

In 1834, Peltier, a French physicist, found that through DC electricity one node becomes cold and the other one get hot in the closed circuit which is composed of two different metals. This effect was later named as the Peltier effect. Anot...(more)

Super SMD/SMT Component Enclosure

Time: Jan 04 2015    Click: 566

Sorting, storing and finding a SMD (Surface Mount Device) - sometimes called SMT (Surface Mount Technology), components is not easy, this is because they are so tiny and there are so many kinds of them: different sizes, values, types, etc....(more)

Application of TEC

Time: Dec 31 2014    Click: 338

The applications that need wider temperature control range, large size DUT, high power devices, fast thermal response, require higher TEC output power. Thermoelectric coolers are used for applications that require heat removal ranging from m...(more)

Convenient Kits

Time: Dec 30 2014    Click: 342

I am an electronics engineer, and my job includes both designing and testing. However, either designing or testing, we always use resistors and capacitors. But, usually, the values of the resistors and capacitors are not the same. We often...(more)

The Definition of Sensor

Time: Dec 30 2014    Click: 304

Sensors (English name: transducer/sensor) is a kind of detection device, sensing the measured information, and transform information into electrical signal according to certain rule or other forms of output information, for satisfying such...(more)

Operating principle of thermoelectric coolers

Time: Dec 29 2014    Click: 319

Thermoelectric coolers are operated by the Peltier effect which also goes by the more general name thermoelectric effect. The device has two sides, and when DC current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so t...(more)

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