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What are the requirements of Laser Diode Drive

Time: Dec 19 2014    Click: 421

When it comes to diode laser power supplies, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind to avoid any issue. Laser Power Supplies have some requirements as well that need to be kept in mind to avoid any problem. In this blog, we w...(more)

The Resistor Kit makes the usage of resistors convenient

Time: Dec 18 2014    Click: 391

Resistors can be kept in akit for the convenience of the user. There comes a lot of variety of resistor kit. One can choose one of the varieties for ones convenience.One can select one of the resistor kits with many compartments with corres...(more)

TEC Controllers

Time: Dec 17 2014    Click: 362

The principle of TEC control is called Peltier Effect, which was discovered by Jean Charles Athanase Peltier in 1834. Briefly speaking, it reveals that fact when a current is passed through a couple, a temperature difference is created betwe...(more)

The Features of Laser Drivers

Time: Dec 15 2014    Click: 530

Analog Technologies Inc., a company established in 1997, focuses on designing high efficiency laser and TEC drivers/controllers, SMT resistor/capacitor/inductor kits, TEC modules, thermistors and other electronic products, has now become the...(more)

Get A Reason on Why Use TEC Controller for Your Devices

Time: Dec 15 2014    Click: 636

The thermoelectric Cooler that is found in many electronic appliances requires precision temperature control. Reason being why TEC controllers are used and are must to maintain in order to keep a watch on temperature variation. Critical com...(more)

Reduce Risk of Burning Electronic Equipments with NTC Thermistors

Time: Dec 15 2014    Click: 720

Thermistors are temperature- sensing elements. They are made up of semiconductor material and are largely used in electrical parts and electronic items. The materials used in thermistors manufacturing are capable of indicating large changes...(more)

Parameters of Low Noise Amplifier

Time: Dec 15 2014    Click: 494

Parameters of amplifier noise performance can be reflected by these two most important factors, one is voltage noise and the other is current noise. Voltage noise is the voltage fluctuation on the condition that the input of amplifier is sh...(more)

Review of TEC Controller

Time: Dec 10 2014    Click: 377

TEC Controllers cater services for a number of applications. They are useful in many ways can be easily employed for perform multiple tasks. To know about TEC Controller, you can check out its characteristics and power classes. They can giv...(more)

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