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The working principle of LED lamp and the important role of LED controller

Time: 2015-04-03 10:48:22    Click: 277

LED lamp usually contains a LED array. According to the preset program, LED controller can control the switch at each position in the LED lamp circuit and lighten LED regularly to show a specific text or graphics. LED lamps connect together in series, and they should be driven by a constant power supply. When using, the current control needs to be strict in order to ensure the LED lamp work normally for the brightness of each LED is determined by current. The pictures of LED lamp and LED control...(more)

Chip capacitor and its application

Time: 2015-04-02 11:00:59    Click: 160

SMT capacitors are famous for high stability, reliability and precision in IC design and have been widely used in many electronic fields. Chip capacitor can eliminate high frequency interference produced by itself, so that other chip modules will work well without any interference. In high frequency electronic oscillation circuit, chip capacitors and crystal oscillator form a oscillation circuit, which provides clock frequency for various circuits. Chip capacitor has different sizes, 0402,0603,0...(more)

SMT inductors and SMT inductor kits

Time: 2015-04-01 14:14:35    Click: 288

SMT inductor is also called power inductor or high current inductor. The SMT inductor can be divided into two types: one is with magnetic cover, the other one without magnetic cover. In a circuit, SMT inductor mainly has the functions of filter and oscillation.The inductor has the advantages of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance. Therefore, our company (ATI) has designed and manufactured SMT inductor kits to storage the inductors as in the following picture. An...(more)

LED Driver

Time: 2015-03-31 15:34:33    Click: 150

LED driver is an electronic device, which is used for driving LED to light or LED modules to work normally. Due to conduction characteristics of LED PN junction, the LED driver can only adapt to a narrow variable range of the supply voltage and current. If the range changes a little, it will lead that LED may not be light up, the luminous efficiency will reduce seriously, the LEDs service lifetime can be shorten, or even the chip can be damaged. A fundamental frequency power supply and common ba...(more)

Evaluation Board TECV104 for TEC Controller TECA1-5V-5V-D

Time: 2015-03-30 15:25:07    Click: 299

TECV104 is an evaluation board of ATI , which is composed of a complete tune and function circuit, to drive TEC controllers . The evaluation board can set the output current limit and the internal operating temperature. There is a LED light that can indicate the TEC temperature state; in addition, there are also a plurality of connecting pieces for connecting the external components and instruments. TECA1-5V-5V-D (no compensation network) is designed for TEC with 2A low noise current. When power...(more)

Resistor/capacitor/inductor kits

Time: 2015-03-27 17:16:24    Click: 326

SMT kits are the independent research and development product of Analog technologies, Inc. SMT kits are US-patented product of ATI. Because of its convenient management, the users can save a lot of time investigating, purchasing and searching for electronic components. Therefore, they are so popular among electronic designers. 1. Resistor kits SMD resistor, 1% precision, resistance range of 0~20M; Packaging forms: 1026, 0805, 0603, 0402; Each small box cover has the corresponding resistance valu...(more)

Brief Introduction of Drive Mode of The Laser Driver

Time: 2015-03-26 16:48:18    Click: 324

The incentive method of laser drivers is mostly injection current form. When the injection current is greater than the threshold current, radiation power will rapidly rise with the increase of the current. Therefore, by changing the injection current, the output optical power can be adjusted. In order to control semiconductor laser, the methods of automatic control are usually adopted, which includes constant current/power/voltage control. In the constant power control mode, by using photoelectr...(more)

The difference between TEC and TEG

Time: 2015-03-25 17:20:09    Click: 515

As shown in the fig1pictures below, there are little few appearance differences between TEC and TEG, but their principles and applications are not the same. Fig 1. The photo of TEC and TEG Based on semiconductor materials, a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) can be used as an electronic component of a small heat pump. Through by adding a little low DC voltage to both ends of TEC, heat quantity will flow from one end to the other, and at the same time, the temperature of one end will decrease and the o...(more)

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