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Thermoelectric cooler dynamic cooling model analysis

Time: 2015-04-27 11:16:59    Click: 271

During cooling process, thermoelectric cooler ( TEC module ) has dynamic changes in its current, voltage, and temperatures in hot and cold ends, so its performance changes dynamically too. The research on dynamic cooling effect of TEC is good to improve the operating performances of these devices. Traditional static concentrated parameter analysis cannot tell accurately the system state change, while dynamic analysis can reflect all the state changes of the components in the system. Based on dyn...(more)

Characteristic analysis of TEC refrigeration cycle (II)

Time: 2015-04-24 17:04:46    Click: 176

The working voltage and current of TEC can be regulated. In the actual working conditions, its cooling capacity, input power and refrigeration coefficient also change with the working voltage and current. According to the current change, the following is about the analysis of cooling capacity and refrigeration coefficient. When a TEC is short circuit and input power W is zero, the current is not zero, defined as I sh : Similarly, when a TEC is open and the cooling capacity q c is zero, the curre...(more)

Characteristic analysis of TEC refrigeration cycle (I)

Time: 2015-04-24 09:50:27    Click: 236

When thermoelectric module is in the cooling mode, the heat of cooled device transfers into the cold end of TEC and then based on thermoelectric effect, the heat is dissipated by the heat sink. According to the first law of thermodynamics, the cooling capacity is equal to the Peltire effect with heat conduction from the heat flow analysis of the single couple of TEC cold end: Fig.1 Schematic of single thermocouple Where, q c is heat flow, P, N = P - N ; the first item of (1) right side is Peltir...(more)

Application prospect of TECs

Time: 2015-04-23 10:33:39    Click: 176

With the shrinking volume of electronic component and the development of its performance and speed, the energy consumption of chips is larger and larger. The excessive temperature will make the component subjected to excessive thermal expansion stress, which can result in its structure damage or even the component burning out. Due to the uneven distribution of the chip power density, local hot spots will be generated. According to statistics, more than 55% of electronic equipment failure is due ...(more)

Manufacturing technologies for improving the performance of TECs (Ⅱ)

Time: 2015-04-22 15:49:05    Click: 172

2. Checking the resistance value of elements The slant element end can result in forming a large contact resistance, and elements with internal defects can lead their resistance value to change. Before brazing, the resistance value of elements should be measured by using contact electrode. If there are abnormal components in the element, it will be removed so as to reduce the contact resistance. It can not only improve the consistency of component performance parameters but also the consistency...(more)

TEC modules-- Peltier cooler in refrigeration field

Time: 2015-04-21 09:53:14    Click: 234

In recent years, with the development of thermal electric materials and the marketization of TEC modules, there is a RD upsurge of thermoelectric cooler and thermoelectric conversion devices. Traditional air conditioner and refrigerators apply freon or other compound refrigerant to realize refrigeration. The leakage of freon or other refrigerant lead to pollution of ambient environment and damage to the ozonosphere. Thermo electric cooling technology doesnt need any refrigerant. When its working...(more)

Manufacturing technologies for improving the performance of TECs (I)

Time: 2015-04-20 17:01:37    Click: 234

TEC is the abbreviation of thermoelectric cooler, which is a kind of heat pumps. In the international arena, a certain effect has been achieved, in the aspects of improving electric piles manufacturing technologies, by using electric insulation heat conducting layer with metal enamel, copper cuprous oxide electric insulation heat conducting layer, compression electric pile structure and themeasures of deflector surface gold plating. However, with the miniaturization of electric piles, the manufa...(more)

NTC thermistor (III)

Time: 2015-04-17 17:06:31    Click: 191

In current market, there is an active demand for high stability, high precision and high heat-resistance NTC thermistor , such as thermistor for measuring exhaust gas for automobile. The working temperature is 400-500C. For liquefied petroleum gas temperature measurement, the temperature is rather high too. Therefore, the need for high temp. thermistor is very urgent. Mn-Co-No series thermistor temperature is about 300C. In order to increase the working temperature, there are some experiments fo...(more)

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