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Application of thermistor in daily life (III)

Time: 2015-06-11 16:19:22    Click: 233

7. Temperature control of food and medicine During transportation, food and medicine industries use temperature control to guarantee product quality. In order to prevent partial or total loss of the effectiveness of drugs, drugs need accurate temperature and humidity control. The temperature sensor is continuously managing the transportation condition in the transportation process. 8. Thermistor using in hospital People usually measure body temperature, which is regarded as an early warning of s...(more)

Application of thermistor in daily life (Ⅱ)

Time: 2015-06-10 09:24:33    Click: 289

4. Temperature control In the electromechanical protection and control, critical point thermistor is usually connected to relay control loop in series. When a certain device encounters a sudden failure, overload will come out and it can result in temperature increasing. If the thermistor reaches the critical point resistance value and then falls down suddenly, the relay current will be over action current rating and then the relay will start work to cut off and protect the circuit. 5. Temperatur...(more)

Application of thermistor in daily life (I)

Time: 2015-06-09 09:45:51    Click: 472

According to different temperature coefficients, thermistor can be divided into two types: positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC thermistor) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor ( NTC thermistor ). Thermistor has been widely used for temperature control, temperature detection and temperature compensation of household electric appliances. 1.Liquid level control Put two NTC thermistors on safe places of vessel height and low liquid level, and apply thermal current. The surfac...(more)

Failure rate of thermoelectric cooler in the process of thermo-cold cycling

Time: 2015-06-08 11:20:45    Click: 325

In working process, many thermoelectric coolers (TECs) refer to temperature increasing and declining periodically. Sometimes, this cycle can occur in the very wide temperature range. Although there is no clear boundary between cycle and non-cycle working conditions, in general case, if there are working conditions that can keep temperature regularly increasing and declining continuously, which is called thermo-cold cycling. These working conditions of the cycle generally trend to be controlled b...(more)

Reliability of thermoelectric cooler

Time: 2015-06-05 16:22:49    Click: 498

As thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is built on the basis of solid state, TEC has very high reliability. In most conditions of practical applications, TEC can provide a relatively long service lifetime. Currently, in many specific cases, the continuous work time of TEC has been over 20 years and is longer than other relative devices. However, it is still difficult to obtain specific reliability of TEC because failure and application environment are closely related. In some steady cooling conditions, ...(more)

A summary of TEC technology

Time: 2015-06-05 15:57:32    Click: 304

Seebeck effect, Peltier effect and Thomson effect found the basis of thermoelectric theory of thermoelectric coolers (TEC) . In the view of the history of TEC (picture below), it has roughly gone through three stages of development. Physical picture of TEC The first stage refers to thermoelectric generation and thermoelectric cooling studied by Seebeck and Peltier respectively. Because of bad thermoelectric performances of metallic materials at that time, the efficiency of energy conversion was ...(more)

Application of TEC in home appliances

Time: 2015-06-05 11:25:58    Click: 276

With the development of science and technology, TEC has attracted more and more attention and it has been widely used in our life. Now the following is about the application of TEC in home appliances. Physical picture of TEC 1. Refrigerator A lot of manufacturers have launched TEC refrigerator. For example, car refrigerator is also a kind of refrigerator, which is suitable for drive out use. On the current market, the size of this car refrigerator is from 3L to 33L. With the increase of car owne...(more)

Recent prospect of thermoelectric materials

Time: 2015-06-04 11:26:11    Click: 188

Thermoelectric materials have three effects: Seeback effect, Peliter effect and Thomson effect. Thermoelectric material has many advantages: (1) It has compact size, light weight and no noise in work; (2) The temperature can be controlled within 0.1℃;(3)There is no CFC used in the thermoelectric material, which can pollute the environment; (4) As heat source can be recycled and transformed into electric energy (save energy), it has long service life and is easy to control. Therefore, thermoelec...(more)

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