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NTC thermistor (I)

Time: 2015-04-10 16:18:14    Click: 232

In industry and agriculture manufacture, national defense, scientific research and office equipment automation fields, temperature is a very critical data. Temperature sensor, i.e. thermistor is a kind of sensor with repeatability and regularity. Among all the temperature sensitive components, thermistor holds a very important position, accounting for 40% of the total temperature sensitive components. According to the characteristics of resistance change with changes in temperature, there are tw...(more)

Operation points for NTC thermistor

Time: 2015-04-10 09:37:47    Click: 198

NTC thermistor is a sensor, which has been widely used in the applications of temperature measure and control. NTC thermistor is small in size, with fast response speed. However, users need to pay attention to the following points when using NTC thermistor. 1. NTC thermistor can withstand thermal shock of 200℃,but in order not to make thermal diode aging, the rapid changes should be prevented as far as possible for the packaging material is glass. 2. When the current is going through the therm...(more)

Mini USB color camera

Time: 2015-04-09 09:29:45    Click: 279

ATMC102U is a kind of mini USB color camera , which has been widely used for medical care, microscope, video conference, video phone, multimedia computer toys, industrial pipe and bottom inspection, CCTV safety supervision and other applications. There are two parts in this camera: a camera head and an USB video converter.The former has analog video / audio output signal and it is easy for the latter to connect to the computer, which can convert analog signals into digital signals.Between the tw...(more)

Laser power supply

Time: 2015-04-08 09:31:01    Click: 138

Laser power supply is designed to driver high current laser diodes. The output current 0-45A can be set by the analog voltage 0-2.5V. The output voltage 0-3.5V or 0-5V can also be set. In addition, our company has a professional design team and production workshop, so we can customize products for meeting customers general and special requirements. I will introduce one kind of laser power supply. Laser power supply 20A5V High efficiency: 76% Maximum output current: 20A Output voltage range: 0V ~...(more)

Laser diode

Time: 2015-04-07 11:38:03    Click: 344

Laser diode is mainly made up of semiconductor materials, thus it is also called semiconductor laser, with features such as high conversion efficiency, wide band range, long service life, direct modulation capability, compact size, light weight and low cost, etc. Like most of lasers, laser diode has the same working principle, i.e. stimulated emission. The difference is that the electrons of the laser diode are distributed in different energy states of different energy bands, while the particles...(more)

The working principle of DC-DC step down converter circuit

Time: 2015-04-03 16:08:00    Click: 903

Switching power supply can be divided into isolation and non-isolation circuit. In this paper, we will focus on the non-isolation circuit. According to different circuit forms, it can be divided into buck circuit, boost circuit, buck-boost circuit, cuk circuit, sepic circuit and zeta circuit. Here, we mainly analyze the working principle of DC-DC step down converter circuit. As shown in figure 1, power MOSFET is an adjusting switch element and its turn-on and turn-off are determined by the contr...(more)

The advantages and disadvantages of TEC modules (II)

Time: 2015-04-03 15:51:56    Click: 482

We mentioned that do not power the TEC modules for a long time when there is no heat sink. Here is the right installation method: A. Install a heat sink in one side of TEC module , while the other side installs a thermal load. The installation surface flatness is less than 0.03mm. Remove any burrs or pollutant. B. Make sure a good contact between TEC module and Thermal load, as well as TEC module and heat sink. Thermal conductive pad needs to be put in the contact surface. C. Fix the TEC module ...(more)

The advantages and disadvantages of TEC modules (I)

Time: 2015-04-03 15:45:31    Click: 2513

TEC modules (thermal electric cooler), also called Peltier modules, can cool down or heat up the object when changing the current direction. The current is DC current. There are some advantages and disadvantages of TEC module. Advantages: A. No cryogen needed. TEC modules can work constantly for hours. It contains no pollution or rotating components, which results no noise and vibration, long life span and easy installation. B. Very short heating-up and cooling time due to small thermal lag in T...(more)

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