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Semiconductor Laser Controller

Time: 2015-03-16 17:06:48    Click: 218

With the rapid development of the photoelectric technology, laser products have widely used in medical treatment, national deense and measurement and other areas. The change of environment temperature has made a directly effect on wavelength of laser controleller. Put the main elements temperature limited in the narrow range which can increase the precision of the system. The semiconductor laser controller consists of controlled constant surrrent source, temperature monitoring, pilot circuit and...(more)

LED power supply

Time: 2015-03-13 17:02:28    Click: 192

Power Supply can convert another form power into electrical energy. The generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, dry cell convert chemical energy into electrical energy. The battery itself has no electricity. There are positive and negative charges on its two poles. They will provide voltage; electrical conductor has voltage in itself. When we add voltage, it will produce electricity. When the batterys two poles connect with conductor, it releases charge so that generate elec...(more)

The LED application trend

Time: 2015-03-13 17:01:10    Click: 235

LED is the abbreviation of Light Emitting Diode, which uses solid semiconductor chips as light materials. When adding forward voltage to its two ends, carriers in semiconductors will campsite and release extra energy, which can cause photon emission and generate visible light. The advantage of LED including: efficient and energy-saving, long service lifetime, health light, green environmental protection and so on. LED has been developed for several years, but in the field of lighting, it still b...(more)

Introduction of SMT resistor

Time: 2015-03-13 17:00:41    Click: 248

The application of SMT resistor automation equipment advanced computer industrial equipment automatic control device medical equipment communication equipment high-tech multimedia electronic equipment The advantage of SMT resistor 1. small volume light-weight 2. accommodate reflow soldering and wave soldering 3. electric nature stable high reliability 4. low cost fitting and effective matching 5. high mechanical strength and high frequency. The method of labeling SMT resistor SMT resistors resis...(more)

A Glass Encapsulated Thermistor

Time: 2015-03-12 09:29:14    Click: 283

NTC is the abbreviation of Negative Temperature Coefficient, which refers to semiconductor materials or electronic components. A glass encapsulated thermistor is a kind of NTC thermistors, which has the function of temperature compensation. And its main characteristics are high temperature resistance and humidity resistance. The glass encapsulated thermistors are mainly used for high stability and low drift temperature control of TEC. There is a glass coating in the outside of the thermistors to...(more)

LED Energy-saving Lamp

Time: 2015-03-12 09:25:07    Click: 227

LED energy-saving lamp uses white light emitting diode with high brightness as a light source, which is a new generation of solid cold light source. It has many advantages such as high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life and safety and environmental protection. Comparing with tube energy-saving lamps, LED lamps have high brightness, good light performance, wide voltage range and some other characteristics. Through the microcomputer controller, seven color changes of LE...(more)

The Applications of LED

Time: 2015-03-11 09:19:55    Click: 168

LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode. LED is being widely used with the development of economy and technology. In this paper, I will introduce the application of LED in the aspect of indicator light in the circuits. 1.A indicator light of AC power supply As long as the circuit is connected with 220V/50Hz AC power supply, LED will be lit, which represents the power supply is switch on. The resistance value of the current-limiting resistance R is 220V/IF. 2.A indicator light of AC switc...(more)

The Advantages of LED

Time: 2015-03-10 09:15:04    Click: 251

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a kind of semiconductor solid light emitting device, which uses solid semiconductor chips as light emitting materials.When applying a positive voltage at its both ends, the composite of carriers in semiconductor will induce photon emission and produce light. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple and white light. There are many advantages of LED product. 1.High efficiency: spectrum can almost concentratein the range of visible light fr...(more)

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