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The advantages and disadvantages of TEC and its development status (II)

Time: 2015-05-22 10:30:37    Click: 1157

With the rapid development of science and technology, technical difficulties about material system and manufacturing technology have been solved. At home, there has been ceramic technology to produce the TEC cooling materials and the standard of the materials can be in the international advanced level. Whats more, the merit of figure of high efficient TEC with Chinas independent intellectual property rights has improved a lot and can be over 1310-3K. Now when in the temperature difference of 50℃...(more)

The advantages and disadvantages of TEC and its development status (I)

Time: 2015-05-21 14:27:38    Click: 335

Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is an ancient technology. As early as in the 1950s, TEC has once set off a boom. When it is connected to a power supply, it can become cold, which is very popular among home appliance manufacturers. However, because of the poor performance of components, it failed to be applied in actual life. The key, which determines the rise of decline of materials and process of TEC, is to improve figure of merit and the cooling effect of the hot and cold end. In order to meet the...(more)

Practical application of TECs

Time: 2015-05-20 09:22:03    Click: 265

CPU of computer is a high density heating element. Based on the cooling principle of thermoelectric cooler (TEC), the cold end of TEC is in contact with the display chip and the hot end is in contact with the heat sink . When connecting a power supply, the temperature difference of the cold and hot end will come out and moves from the cold end to the hot end through lattice energy. Only if the hot end heat can be dissipated effectively, the cold end will be cooling constantly and the cooling eff...(more)

Some other heat-dissipation methods of TEC

Time: 2015-05-19 09:18:44    Click: 218

1.Using endothermic phenomenon of material melting When a material is melting, it will absorb the heat from the hot end of thermopile in the isothermal condition. The isothermal characteristic is the necessary condition of maintaining the cold end constant. The time for the melting stage is the temperature constant time of the cold end. Because of different material thermal conductivities, the heat transfer temperature difference is also different, the thermal conductivity is low and the tempera...(more)

Installation of TECs in Thermo-electric Cooling System (II)

Time: 2015-05-18 11:09:00    Click: 138

In some specified applications, the main method is to use a special high thermal conductive epoxy resin binder. Since the coefficients of thermal expansion of the ceramics of TEC s, heat sink and the cooled object, its not recommended to use epoxy resin binder in large TECs. The detailed steps are as follows: (a) Flat the installing surface of the TEC by lathe machine or polishing method. Although it doesnt need high flatness when using epoxy resin, but usually the surface should be flat as much...(more)

Selection and installation of TECs

Time: 2015-05-15 16:52:41    Click: 297

In general, selecting the size of TECs depends on the area of chips, but not bigger than that. Additionally, TEC has a certain thickness, which is put between chip and heat sink. If it is too thick, it will be hard to fix. Fig. 2. Physical photo of TEC Generally speaking, the operating temperature of TEC is about under 50℃, that is: CPU should work in the range of operating temperature. As the maximum temperature difference can be up to 65℃, if the hot end temperature is not over 65℃, in th...(more)

Installation of TECs in Thermo-electric Cooling System (I)

Time: 2015-05-15 16:46:51    Click: 238

n thermo-electric cooling system, the installation of TECs is very critical. Basic principles should be abided by during installation, or it may result in bad performance and reliability. There are a few factors to be considered in designing and installing the thermo-electric cooling system, as below. TEC s have a high mechanical strength, but a relatively low shear strength. Therefore, do not place TECs in a mechanical system that plays a major supporting role. All the interfaces in the system ...(more)

Air cooling of TEC

Time: 2015-05-15 16:26:41    Click: 186

In this paper, the air cooling method of TEC is mainly introduced. 1.Air national convection cooling In many small TECs, heat exchange system with air national convection cooling is usually used, which needs a certain heat sink as the heat exchanger. The heat moved by cooling medium is absorbed by heat exchange of the cold end heat absorber and air around. Then based on the heat conduction of connection pieces and insulation layers, the heat is taken away by thermopile cold end and after that th...(more)

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