Adjustable Capacitor Decade Box

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ATCDB12 is an adjustable capacitor decade box that is designed and used for easy tuning of analog circuits. This box comes with a compact size that is suitable for laboratory experiments. Electronic engineers can tune it to a desired capacitance value.

This adjustable capacitor decade box has a wide adjustable range, from 1pF to 100μF, and the adjustment resolution is 1pF. This decade box also has a high accuracy, ±5%. The adjustment ranges are: 1pF to 9pF; 10pF to 90pF; 100pF to 900pF; 1nF to 9nF; 10nF to 90nF; 100nF to 900nF; 1μF to 9μF; 10μF to 90μF.

As shown in the picture below, this decade box has a durable metal enclosure and several long life rotary knobs. Moreover, it is 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant product.

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