Adjustable Resistor Decade Box

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ATRDB12 is an adjustable resistor decade box, which is used for tuning analog circuits or doing experiments. It comes with accurate knobs for dialing to different resistances. It's comfortable to use it and users can read the total value easily. This box has a compact size that saves much space for most of applications.

This adjustable resistor decade box has a wide adjustable range, and there are eight decades, from 0.36Ω to 9MΩ, i.e., 0.1Ω ~ 0.9Ω; 1Ω ~ 9Ω; 10Ω ~ 90Ω; 100Ω ~ 900Ω; 1KΩ ~ 9KΩ; 10KΩ ~ 90KΩ; 100KΩ ~ 900KΩ; 1MΩ ~ 9MΩ. The accuracy is high, ±1%. It can be used in a wide operating temperature range, from −40°C to +55°C. The figure below is the physical photo of this adjustable resistor decade box. From the picture, it can be seen that it has a durable metal enclosure and long life rotary knobs.

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