Step-Down DC/DC Converters - ATI2202

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Step-Down DC/DC Converters - ATI2202

In this step-down DC-DC Converter series, there are three types of converters, ATI2202, ATI2301, and ATI2305.

ATI2202 is a 340 kHz fixed frequency PWM synchronous step-down regulator. The ATI2202 is operated from 4.75V to 18V, the generated output is adjustable from 0.923V to 0.9Vin, and the output current can be up to 2A.

ATI2301 is a step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. At heavy load, it works at the constant frequency PWM mode which has good stability and transient response.

ATI 2305 is a 1.5MHz switching frequency step-down current-mode, DC-DC converter. With excellent stability and transient response, the constant-frequency PWM control works well at heavy load.
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