SMT/SMD Resistor Kits

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SMT/SMD Resistor Kits

Our Super SMT Resistor Kits™ are made based on the world’s only special container, Super SMT Component Enclosure™, which has 128 individually lidded coverlets and one final top cover. The foam pad inside the top cover keeps all the coverlets closed when the top cover is closed and locked.

Each coverlet measures: 0.87" (L) x 0.59" (W) x 0.63"(D) or 22mm (L) x 15mm (W) x 16mm (D).

The Super SMT Component Enclosure™ measures:

11" (L) x 8.5" (W) x 1.75"(H) or 280mm (L) x 216mm (W) x 45mm (H).

All the surface mount resistors are pre-sorted and stored in Super SMT Component Enclosure™ with surface mount resistor values printed clearly on each lid.
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