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The Principle of NTC Thermistor

Time: Feb 05 2015    Click: 1214

The NTC thermistor is a thermistor with negative temperature coefficient and it has high performance ceramics near theoretical density structure by using a single high purity material. Therefore, at the same time with realizing miniaturization, it also has the small fluctuation characteristics of resistance value and temperature and fast response characteristic, which can take the high sensitivity and high accuracy detection. NTC is the abbreviation of negative temperature coefficient, which ref...(more)


Time: Feb 04 2015    Click: 386

Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element, and according to the different temperature coefficients, thermistor can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC thermistor) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC thermistor). The typical characteristic of the thermistor is sensitive to temperature, and different temperatures show different resistance values. At the higher temperature, the resistance value of PTC thermistor is larger, and NTC thermistor is lower, w...(more)


Time: Feb 03 2015    Click: 393

Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element. There are two kinds of thermistors based on different the temperature, which are PTC and NTC. It has a typical characteristic that it is sensitive on temperature. It shows different resistance value when it is under different temperature. When the temperature goes up, PTC is with higher resistance values while the NTC thermistor is on the opposite. But both of them belong to semiconductor apparatus. Main characteristic of thermistor a.It has very high s...(more)

Multi-stage of TEC

Time: Feb 02 2015    Click: 522

The maximum temperature difference of a single-stage thermoelectric cooler with a standard can reach about 72℃. Some TEC can be stacked together by using mechanical method: the cold side surface of one TEC is installed on the hot side surface of another TEC, so the maximum temperature difference can reach 130℃. This stacking is called the cascade or multi-stage cooler layout. In general, multi-stage cooler has the shape of Pyramid, and a high level volume of TEC is smaller than the low level...(more)

High-Power Laser Diodes

Time: Jan 30 2015    Click: 604

More recently high-power laser diodes operating in the wavelength range of about 0.81.1 micron have been getting much attention due to their widespread applications. These lasers are used in optical pumping of solid-state lasers, such as the Nd: YAG, replacing traditional flash lamp designs. High-power laser diodes are tuned to the absorption band of the dielectric crystal resulting in much more efficient pumping of the laser rod, from which a high-power focused coherent beam of light is emitted...(more)

Thermal Pad

Time: Jan 30 2015    Click: 437

Thermal pad has good heat conduction ability and high level pressure-tolerant, and it is the substitute of thermal grease. Because of having certain flexibility, it has good bonding between a power device and an aluminum heat sink, so it can achieve the best purpose of heat conduction and heat dissipation. In the industry, thermal pad is also called the thermal silica film, thermal conductive silicone pad, insulating heat conducting sheet, soft cooling pad and so on. As the electronic equipmentc...(more)

The Performances of Thermal Silica

Time: Jan 30 2015    Click: 356

The forms of thermal conductivity silicone are grease and solid. And there are also many different kinds of materials can be competent forapplicationsof the thermal conductivity silica. When producing thermal silica, there are some factors to consider. Thermal conductivity is also known as thermal efficiency. As a goodthermal conductivity material, it must be able to absorb heat quickly, and alsocan radiate heat. We usually use the unit of thermal conductivity to measure the efficiency of therma...(more)

Learning the Key Features of TEC Temperature Controller

Time: Jan 28 2015    Click: 371

TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler) temperature controllers have some unique and important features that other temperature controllers do not have. One of the key features of TEC controller offers is that it allows the target object reaching the set-point temperature in a short time. Lets use a 202010 (mm) object as an example, driving a TEC with a TEC controller can allow the object reaching the set-point temperature within 5 seconds understand either cooling or heating mode, as the set-point temperat...(more)

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