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Introduction to Heat Sinks

Time: Jan 09 2015    Click: 331

Heat sinks are a device which is used to dissipate heat of electronic elements in electrical appliances. There are many kinds of heat sink materials. The following describes are about the aluminum, copper and combinative radiation fins of copper and aluminum. (1)Aluminum heat sink Currently, heat sink of aluminum is one of heat sinks of the highest use rate. As the highest amount of metal in the earths crust, the main characteristics are low cost and low thermal capacity. Although the endothermi...(more)

The Application Scope of LED

Time: Jan 09 2015    Click: 386

Because of LEDs advantages, LED is mainly used in the following aspects currently: (1)LED is used in display screens and traffic signal lamps because LED lamps have characteristics of anti-seismic, impact resistance, fast speed of light response, electricity saving and long service life. LED has been widely used in various indoor and outdoor display screens, which can be divided into panchromatic, tri color and monochrome display screen. Traffic lights mainly use red, green and yellow LED of ult...(more)

Temperature Control

Time: Jan 08 2015    Click: 308

Each one has its specific temperature. For example, my temperature is 36.5℃. If my temperature changes more than 0.1℃, I will get sick. Just like people, laser also has the specific temperature when it is working. If the temperature of laser changes more than 0.1℃, it will not work normally, and we cannot get the result what we would like to have. So we need to control the lasers temperature seriously. We offer you the best devices to control the laser temperature. The following picture is...(more)

The characteristic analysis of LED heat dissipation substrate(1)

Time: Jan 07 2015    Click: 317

As the active area of the LED chip is small and its working current is big, the operating temperature of the LED ship can increase in a short time. The rise of pn junction temperature of LED can make the optical output power decrease, accel...(more)

The design of all heat sinks of LED lighting lamps(2)

Time: Jan 07 2015    Click: 373

here are many kinds of heat sinks. In the view of manufacture, air cooled heat sinks can be divided into nano imprint lithography fins, extrusion heat sinks, casting heat sinks, folding heat sinks, improved casting heat sinks, forging heat...(more)

The Introduction to LED Lighting

Time: Jan 07 2015    Click: 288

After Edison invented the carbon incandescent lamp in 1879, lighting technology entered a new era. Reviewing the lighting history of the twentieth Century, people found out many new light sources, such as fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, hi...(more)

Application prospects of TEC

Time: Jan 06 2015    Click: 298

Except for being applied in the field of the refrigerator, water dispensers and other household appliances, the most important application of TEC is in the information technology field. As the cooling source of such electronic components as...(more)

Introduction to TEC technology

Time: Jan 05 2015    Click: 432

In 1834, Peltier, a French physicist, found that through DC electricity one node becomes cold and the other one get hot in the closed circuit which is composed of two different metals. This effect was later named as the Peltier effect. Anot...(more)

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