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The Heat Sink Is Made of Pure Aluminum

Time: Feb 11 2015    Click: 371

This kind of heat sink is the one of the popular sink heats. It fully consists of pure aluminum. The aluminum takes up the maximum metal quantity in earths crust. It has two characteristics, one is low cost and the other is heat capacity. It can dissipate heat quickly. The effect of heat dissipation can influence its construction and workmanship directly. The polishing of the bottom is better than the thermal slug which has better heat dissipation. The minimum groove of heat sink is only1.1mm if...(more)

Electric Suction Pen

Time: Feb 10 2015    Click: 478

Electric suction pen has built-in vacuum pump and it needs no external vacuum system. Electric suction pen can continue working more than 1000hours, which has strong suction, and two branch suction pens can work at the same time. It is produced by electrostatic materials, which can make sensitive elements avoid electrostatic damage. Vacuum suction pen can be divided into pneumatic suction pen and manual suction pen. The source of pneumatic suction pen requires 4-6 kg of compressed air, and the p...(more)

Vacuum Sucking Pen

Time: Feb 09 2015    Click: 925

Vacuum suction pen, which looks like a pen, is a small pneumatic tool. It consists of a plastic or a rubber shell, a vacuum generator (pneumatic), a vacuum chuck, an elbow and a reel (pneumatic), and it can be flexibly used for assembly of small parts. Vacuum suction pen can be divided into two categories: pneumatic suction pen and manual suction pen. Air supplyrequirement of pneumatic suction pen is 4 to 6 kg of compressed air. The power of manual suction pen is the rubber bladder. Pneumatic su...(more)

ATI Offers a Range of Laser Driver

Time: Feb 06 2015    Click: 355

ATI designs and manufactures a wide range of analog electronic products for the laser and industries. These products serve applications in medical, military, scientific, and industrial markets. ATI offers a line of diode drivers both high current and constant current applications. We have a full line of laser drivers/controllers: low noise low current, high efficiency medium current, AC input high current high efficiency; high current short pulsed, etc. Due to their high efficiencies, most of ou...(more)

DC-DC Converter

Time: Feb 06 2015    Click: 468

DC-DC converter is a voltage converter that changes input voltageinto output fixed voltage. The DC-DC converter can be divided into three categories: step-up DC-DC converter step-down DC-DC converter and step-up and step-down converter. According to the demand, there are three types of control to choose:PWM with high efficiency has good output voltage ripple and noise; even after long time use, PFM has the advantages of small power consumption, especially when the load is small; PWM/PFM can achi...(more)

Some practical applications of thermistors

Time: Feb 06 2015    Click: 1615

Thermistor has wide applications in many fields, and the following is about its applications of food, medical and automobile. (1) The thermistors application in food and drug field: Food and drug industries need temperature control to ensure the quality of products. In order to avoid partial or total loss of effective availability of drugs, there are a lot of drugs in transit needing accurate control of the temperature and humidity. (2) The thermistors application in medical field: Human often n...(more)

The Principle of NTC Thermistor

Time: Feb 05 2015    Click: 1170

The NTC thermistor is a thermistor with negative temperature coefficient and it has high performance ceramics near theoretical density structure by using a single high purity material. Therefore, at the same time with realizing miniaturization, it also has the small fluctuation characteristics of resistance value and temperature and fast response characteristic, which can take the high sensitivity and high accuracy detection. NTC is the abbreviation of negative temperature coefficient, which ref...(more)


Time: Feb 04 2015    Click: 359

Thermistor is a kind of sensitive element, and according to the different temperature coefficients, thermistor can be divided into positive temperature coefficient thermistor (PTC thermistor) and negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC thermistor). The typical characteristic of the thermistor is sensitive to temperature, and different temperatures show different resistance values. At the higher temperature, the resistance value of PTC thermistor is larger, and NTC thermistor is lower, w...(more)

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