High Voltage Power Supply AHV12VN6KV1MAW

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AHV12VN6KV1MAW is a new high voltage power supply developed in ATI. High voltage power supply is used for converting low DC voltage into high DC voltage. It can be used in many fields including ion beam deposition, ion beam assisted deposition, electron beam evaporation, DC reactive magnetron sputtering, microwave treatment high voltage capacitance test, etc.

This high voltage power supply is different from other power supplies since it has a negative voltage output. The input voltage is 12V DC, and the output voltage is 0 to -6kV with 1mA constant output current. The power supply comes with an internal protection circuit that will shut down the high voltage power supply when there is any overcurrent, or short circuit. This high voltage power supply has a small size and metal enclosure for blocking EMIs. The physical photo is shown here.

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