High Voltage DC/AC-DC Power Supply

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ATI develops and manufactures DC/AC-DC high voltage power supplies with positive and negative voltages. These high voltage power supplies convert low DC voltage or AC voltages to high DV voltages efficiently. They can be widely used in many applications, such as industrial control and measurement, medical care fields, etc.

The input voltage can be 12VDC, 24VDC or 100 ~ 240VAC, the output voltage can be from 1kV to 18kV or -1kV to -10kV. Therefore, there are multiple options for input and output voltage. AHV24V6KVC1MAW features constant current output, and AHV24V6KVC1MAW can be used for charging capacitors. All the high voltage power supplies come with a compact size and high efficiency. The high output voltage is stable, and there are short circuit and over current protection functions for ensuring operation safety. The AC input high voltage power supply, AHVAC5KV1MABT, is of a bench-top type, which can display the readings of the output voltage.

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