A Newly Developed SMT Resistor Kit

Time : 2017-04-12 13:47Source :analogtechnologies Author : Analog Click :

Super SMT resistor kit is one of our popular and well-known kits products in the world. Nowadays, we have developed a new resistor kit with more resistors and more values, based on our new SMT component kit SK200. As indicated in the part number, SK200 has 200 independent cells for enclosing SMT resistors.

Compared with previous SMT resistor kit, this new resistor kit provides 196 values and 760 values of resistors with resistor size of 0402. 760 values resistor kits have 4 kits in a set, and 196 value resistor kit is one kit. The previous resistor kits provides 128 values and 510 values, much less than the new one. Although the new resistors come with more values and resistors, but the cost of each resistor is lower. This new resistor kit is using a new enclosure, with ultra slim design, fixable cover, fixable compartment lids, better leakproofness, etc. The enclosure cover can be fixed in a certain angle, and the compartment lid can be fixed to the front lid so that users don’t have to hold it when picking up resistors in the compartments. The physical photo is shown in below.

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